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Laminadora XLAM XL 1737 F

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    XL1737 flat

    120 C130 mm 50 mm

    Unique Features!Pneumatic cold&hot flatbed laminator 1700x3700mm. Silicon roll (heated) 130mm, maximum temperature 120C. Material thickness up to 50mm.

    Quick and easy to use, allows you to save workforce and improve productivity. With the laminator Xlam 1530 Flat, increases the quality of your work with better saturation and color performace of your graphics.

    High efficiencyPneumatic system for the lowering of of the roller, manual moving. No crease or bubble, guarantees excellent results even at temperatures below 120C. Thanks to the illuminated glass plan allows the operator excellent visibility even during the laminating of widest supports.

    Safety warrantyThe emergency shutdown buttons are clearly visible at the top side of the machine.

    max. temperaturemain roll max. material thickness

  • FlaTbed Cold&hoT laMiNaTorXL1737 flat

    Xl1737F-eng-ab-031214 / [email protected]

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    ModelXlam 1737 Flat

    Product codeXl1737F

    Maximum laminating film width1700 mm

    Maximum material thickness50 mm

    Maximum temperature120 C

    Worktoptempered glass 10 mm


    Main silicon roll diameter130 mm

    Main roll movingpneumatic (lowering)

    Laminating methodmanual (left-right)

    Warm-up time10-20 minutes

    Heating methodinternal with infrared light

    Electric consumption1.0 kw/h

    Voltage220 v - 50 hz

    Temperature/speed controlMicro Control

    Dimensions (l x h x p)2060 x 1350 x 4000 mm

    Weight850 kg

    Packaginganti-shock wooden

    Packaging dimensions (l x h x p)2200 X 1750 x 4360 mm

    Packaging weight880 kg

    Warranty1 year

    SafetyCe certification

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