Killer whale

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Text of Killer whale

  • 1. Killer Whale Created by ClaudiaApril 26,2010

2. Distribution Map 3. Habitat

  • The killer whales live in the ocean biome .The Alaskan people find it in he Arctic and Antarctic oceans. They have been observed in tropical waters.

4. Food

  • The killer whale eats sea lions, sea otters, dolphins, squid, every fish it finds, blue whales, sea turtles, smaller whales, seabirds, seals, and octopus.

5. Food Habits

  • The killer whales go to the Intertidal zone they see a seal and slowly go and then it eats it. I wouldn'tgo to the intertidal zone .

6. Why is it Endangered?

  • One of the reasons is that North Americans killed 650 killer whales and now there are very little killer whales living on earth. Another reason is that there has been boat traffic in the ocean and the killer whales hate it. The last one is that there are some people that pollute in the ocean.

7. Interesting Facts

  • A killer whales dorsal fin can beas hi and bigas your dad. Another interesting fact is that the male forgets about his kids and cares more about the food than his kids.

8. What Has Been Done?

  • If people didn't pollute or throw trash in the ocean the killer whales would be way safer because that pollutes. There is traffic in the ocean and the killer whales hate the noise.

9. Conclusion

  • In the future I wishthe killer whales will not be endangeredor get extinct. In internet they say its the prettiest mammal on earth.

10. The End