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Bonding with your friends, feeling the energy in that small, congested place full of machines is by far the best feeling when you play. The beauty of arcades lies not only in the place and in the consoles. It is becoming immortal by adding them to modern computers andsmartphones. Even if you were to sell yourBlackBerry; you would get the happiness arcade games bring.


<ul><li> 1. Source: </li> <li> 2. When smartphones and computers were far fromreality, arcade games were a favorite. Those werethe times that the hardest games to finish werePac-Man, Zelda, and Mario Brothers. The 8-bitimages were a visual treat. For those who are notas young as Justin Bieber, these games should befamiliar to you. Arcade games are always dynamic.Even though you can buy game consoles at home,going to arcades is always an option. Bonding withyour friends, feeling the energy in that small,congested place full of machines is by far the bestfeeling when you play. The beauty of arcades liesnot only in the place and in the consoles. It isbecoming immortal by adding them to moderncomputers and smartphones. Even if you were tosell your BlackBerry; you would get the happinessarcade games bring. </li> <li> 3. This is for the fast and courageous. Playerscontrol their jetpack-clad avatar throughhazardous corridors full of missiles, electric fields,and lasers. The path is treacherous but it can beyour path to safety. You get tokens and coinsand get upgrades like better jetpacks, revivalability, distance credits, and costumes. If you area lucky person, you might have a slightadvantage over the game but it does notguarantee victory. </li> <li> 4. The name speaks for itself. As a player,you try to survive as long as you can tocross four game modes. The catch lies inthe name itself. You need to use hooksthat grapple on trees and soil to transportthe character across. You can change hatsas you get them once unlocked, and youwill be hooked playing this game. </li> <li> 5. If youre the endurance runner, then you arenothing compared to the character in the game.Introduced iniOS after its success in Flash,Canabalt is known for its perfectly tunedgameplay. Try to survive running indifferentspeeds and changing landscapes. From ill-placedwindow to abrupt obstacles of doom to cleverlyutilizing boxes in your path, do you slow down orspeed up? The game is about speed, both in thehands and in your mind. This is a good reason tosell old BlackBerrys. </li> <li> 6. Everyone knows Tetris, right? Well, if youwonder if you can jump over those fallingblocks, then this game is for you. Theobjective is to try avoiding the blocks.Moreover, you enjoy more in the bonusmode that pays reverence to pasthandheld games and the pixel art all overagain. </li> <li> 7. There is nostalgia in arcade games because they are part of our childhood. Like selling BlackBerrys, once its gone, you still remember the good times with it. Sell iPhone For Cash Cashforiphones News Site Cashforiphones Fan Page @cash4_iphones Source: </li> </ul>