Keys of IPTV sucess

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Presentation made by JM Planche, Chairman of Witbe, during IPTV World Forum Asia, in Singapore


  • 1. Is quality a real competitive advantage on IPTV services success ?
    • IPTV World Forum Asia

Dec 4th 2008 2. Quality is a fundamental part of the success 2000-2008. All rights reserved Emotion / Interest Quality of Experience Value for the money = USER EXPERIENCE 3. 1st key: The value for the money

  • Before, rules of success were easy to understand :
    • Brand name
    • Access to the market
    • People that have video / television / telecommunication knowledge
    • Money
    • Content access
    • Ability to deploy and deliver
  • But now, what about :

2000-2008. All rights reserved 4. 2nd key: the EMOTION or at least the INTEREST

  • To cut a long story short:
  • Content:
    • Multiple strategy : from premium exclusive content to content agregation
  • Services:
    • The technological evolution have no limit like imagination

2000-2008. All rights reserved Very important topic but its not the today subject ... Content / Services Happyness / Usefulness 5. 3nd key: What about the quality ?

  • The famous QoS : Quality of Service
  • Everything seems under control(from this man point of view )

2000-2008. All rights reserved 6. Really ? 2000-2008. All rights reserved supervisor I can see most components. Services are under control. From my point of view,everything is OK ! My channel change time is too slow Too much freezes Phone call quality drop when I switch my TV on I paid for this movie, but where is it ? Hey, I get bad images since you use vacuum cleaner Supervision Console 7. The bad news sequence ;-) 2000-2008. All rights reserved 8. Frozen imagesQoS approach did not detect it 2000-2008. All rights reserved 9. Video-on-demand access errorQoS approach have not detect it 2000-2008. All rights reserved 10. Momentary pixellisationtransparent to QoS probes 2000-2008. All rights reserved 11. 2000-2008. All rights reserved No decoding : CAS issueQoS probes see nothing 12. Could it be, one day, totally under control ? 2000-2008. All rights reserved We are no longer in a network centric world ... NO ... Main raison :the world has changed 13. Front of QoS approach lacks, we try to ask to the customer ... What he thinks about situation ... but 2000-2008. All rights reserved 14. Can we rely on customers feedback ?

  • The human is not 100% objective
    • He is not ubiquitous
    • He is expensive
    • He cant tell what happened and why
    • Providers and customers dont see the same things
    • Andmost of all its often too late!

2000-2008. All rights reserved 15. So what ?

  • Solution is not generating more and more datas
  • The problem is different, we have to be DIFFERENT
  • We need to change the approach :
    • Bottom up Top down
    • Cause to consequence Consequence to Cause
  • Add QoE information and QoS datas
    • In fact QoE is the What and QoS is Why

2000-2008. All rights reserved 16. You cant improve something you dont measure ! 2000-2008. All rights reserved Measuring relevent things : AVAILABILITY PERFORMANCE & SERVICES CONFORMITY But with automatic system Private network Internet Mobile networks Access networks Back office Applicationservers Presentationservers Security Routers Users 17. With this approach we can see real problems 2000-2008. All rights reserved In real (live) situation data collected from all French Telco's in October 2008 18. We can really help to improve the situation 2000-2008. All rights reserved Real exemple based on French operator,in real operation IPTV Video MOS VoIP PESQ Firmware V.X Firmware V.X+1 Firmware V.X Firmware V.X+1 19. 3 top QoE priorities for end users

  • AVAILABILITY : its the top priority when launching a service
  • PERFORMANCE : channel changing time for exemple
    • 2005 :between 5 s - 9s
    • 2007 :between 1.5 - 3.7s
    • now (P+/P-): around 2s and between 0.5s and 0.8s with special optimizations
  • FIDELITY : quality of image / sound measure with Witbe VideoMOS
    • IPTV / DSL : between 2.5 - 3.2
    • Cable TV: between 3.5 - 4.3
    • But industry works very hard to improve it ... and fiber arrives ...

2000-2008. All rights reserved 20. Quality and the bottom line

  • Bad Quality of Experience = bad user experience
    • Causes considerable churn(up to 30% in 2004 at launch, < 10% now)
    • Is bad for brand image
    • Increases support costs (calls / sub / year)
    • Is a pity for the turnover and business opportunities
  • Good Quality of Experience
    • Creates a feeling of proximity and reduces stress
    • Instills loyalty & trust.
    • People say theyd call more often and watch more TV
      • Pay more for quality
      • Switch providers

2000-2008. All rights reserved Thank you !