Keynote by Mario Derba at Oracle Extreme Performance Tour

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Mario Derba Keynote speech at Oracle's Extreme Performance Tour, Rome, March 2012

Text of Keynote by Mario Derba at Oracle Extreme Performance Tour

  • 1. Oracle Systems Strategy: Extreme Performanceon Oracle Engineered and Best of Breed SystemsMario DerbaRegional Sales VP, Oracle Systems, South EuropeRome, 15 marzo 2012

2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliverany material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasingdecisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described forOracles products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 3. Required Benchmark Disclosure StatementT-seriesCopyright 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks oftheir respective owners. Results as of 9/26/2011.SPEC and the benchmark name SPECjEnterprise are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Results from as of9/26/2011. SPARC T4-4, 40,104.86 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS; Cisco UCS B440 M1, 17,301.86 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS; IBM Power 780, 16,646.34SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS.Focusing on the critical JEE server hardware & OS, the IBM result includes a JEE server with a list price of $1.30 million. The Oracle JEEservers have a list price of $0.47 million. The JEE server price versus delivered EjOPs is $77.97/EjOP for IBM versus $11.67/EjOP for Oracle. Oracles $/perf advantage is6.7x better than IBM ($77.97/$11.67). Pricing details for IBM, IBM p780 512GB based on public pricing at Adjusted hardware costs to license all 64 cores. AIX pricing at: and AIX Standard Edition V7.1 perprocessor (5765-G98-0017 64*2,600=$166,400). This gives application tier hardware & OS Price/perf: $77.97/EjOPS (1297956/16646.34) Pricing details for Oracle, fourSPARC T4-4 512 GB, HW acquisition price from Oracles price list: $467,856 This gives application tier hardware & OS Price/perf: $11.67/EjOPS(467856/40104.86) The Oracle application tier servers occupy 20U of space, 40,140.86/20=2007 EjOPS/U. The IBM application tier server occupies 16U of space,16,646.34/16=1040 EjOPS/RU. 2007/1040=1.9xTPC-H, QphH, $/QphH are trademarks of Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC). For more information, see SPARC T4-4 201,487QphH@1000GB, $4.60/QphH@1000GB, avail 10/30/2011, 4 processors, 32 cores, 256 threads; SPARC Enterprise M8000 209,533.6 QphH@1000GB,$9.53/QphH@1000GB, avail 09/22/11, 16 processors, 64 cores, 128 threads; IBM Power 780 QphH@1000GB, 164,747.2 QphH@1000GB, $6.85/QphH@1000GB, avail03/31/11, 8 processors, 32 cores, 128 threads; HP Integrity Superdome 2 140,181.1 QphH@1000GB, $12.15/QphH@1000GB avail 10/20/10, 16 processors, 64, cores, 64threads. 4. THE EXTREME PERFORMANCE TOUR - Roma14.30 La storia Oracle: hardware e software progettati per funzionare in modo sinergico, cambiare le regole del gioco semplificando i sistemi ITMario Derba, South Europe VP System, Oracle EMEASessione 1 Sessione 2Chairman - Giuseppe Russo, Chief Technologist Hardware System LOB, Oracle Italia Chairman - Walter Moriconi, Storage Business Development Manager, Oracle ItaliaScopri il valore di business dei server Oracle SPARC Enterprise Cloud con gestione completa del ciclo di vita e virtualizzazione orientata alle applicazioni15.30Giuseppe Russo, Chief Technologist Hardware System LOB, Oracle ItaliaAlessandro Bracchini, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle Italia16.00 Consolidare e innovare con SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 Consolidamento efficiente dello storage SAN per il data center, con il servizio di qualit garantito daRiccardo Iommi, Hardware Sales Specialist, Oracle EMEA Pillar Axiom Walter Moriconi, Storage Business Development Manager, Oracle Italia16.30 Linnovazione del data center con Oracle Solaris e Oracle Linux5 modi per ottimizzare il tuo ambiente Oracle con le soluzioni Sun ZFS Storage ApplianceMarco Deveronico, Server Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle EMEA Raoul Ursino, Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle Italia17.00 Exadata, Exalogic ed Exalytics: le fondamenta della tua strategia per il data center Introduzione a Oracle Database ApplianceStefano Bucci, Technology Sales Consulting Director, Oracle Italia Claudio Paolucci, Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle ItaliaRoberto Falcinelli, BI Sales Consulting Manager, Oracle Italia17.30 Cocktail18:00 Concerto di Pino Daniele 5. DisseminateTest New InnovationsIdeasRethink Processes71% of companiesLeading companies However, 70-90% ofsay that innovationuse IT to empower companies do not use is the #1 factor intheir people to driveIT to its potentialcompetitiveness innovation and change 6. CUSTOM ASSEMBLYI.T. FRAGMENTATIONAPPLICATION SILOS 7. MORE COMPLEXITYMEANS LESS INNOVATION 8. BLOG SMART METERMobileEvolution Big Data Cloud SilosComputing of Work 9. IT SPENDING DISTRIBUTION WHAT IF YOU COULD IN 2011 CHANGE66%50%20% 25%14%25%RUNRUNTHE BUSINESSTHEBUSINESS GROW GROW THE BUSINESS THEBUSINESSTRANSFORMTRANSFORMTHE BUSINESSTHEBUSINESS THE MIX?Source: IT Metrics: IT Spending and Staffing Report, 2011, Gartner Research, 2011 10. The three steps towards Data Center efficiency Integrate SW & HW OptimiseScale&Simplify &Throughput Consolidate 11. The three steps towards Data Center efficiency Integrate Exadata, Exalogic, SW & HW Big Data SPARCAppliancesOptimise Scale Supercluster &Simplify & Throughput Consolidate Optimised (and consolidated)Best-of-BreedOracle App & MW SolutionsTraditional Stacks 12. Oracle StrategyComplete Stack Complete Choice Best-of-Breed On-Premise Open Private Cloud Vertical Integration Public Cloud Extreme Performance Hybrid Engineered Systems 13. Everything begins with R&D $4.2 $3.3 $2.8$2.7 $2.2$1.9$1.5 FY05FY06FY07FY08 FY09FY10FY11 R&D Spending US$ Billion 14. Did you know 15. The latest European ORACLE ReferencesSPARC T4-4 18 16. Oracle Exadata 17X faster with no changes -Faster to Load, smaller to Store, lightning response times Now 90% of requests return in < 5 seconds POS analytics up to 18X faster and up to 15X data compression $8M ROI over 3 years; 5X overall query speedup 250 TB compressed to 25 TB; reports complete 10X faster 17. Storage Magazine, January 2012 18. Pillar Axiom 19. ENGINEERED SYSTEMS & APPLIANCESPurposeGeneralBuiltPurposeExadata Exalogic Big Data SPARC SuperCluster 22 20. SPARC Server PortfolioFoundation for Mission Critical ComputingEngineered Systems Enterprise Servers Mission CriticalEnterprise Clusters, Designed for optimal Consolidation, large DB,Optimized Solutionsperformance on all workloads complex workloadT4-4M9000T4-2 M8000 M5000T4-1 T4-1BM4000 M3000 21. Introducing SPARC T4 ServersNew Brain. Same Body.Up to 5x per thread Starts at $16K Up to $160K - 1TB of performanceVirtualization andmemory included!Solaris included!Unheard of Generation-to-Generation Acceleration 22. SPARC T4Balanced high-bandwidth interfaces and internals18 On Chip Crypto functions 3.0 GHz Out of Order Execution2 On Chip 10 GbE Networking 8 Cores, 64 Threads Co-engineered with Oracle software Dynamic Threading 2 On Chip x8 PCIe gen2 I/O Interfaces 2 On Chip Dual-Channel DDR3 Memory Controllers 23. SPARC Future Work 2x application performance improvement every two years Software in SiliconIncreased Performance Security: EnhancedHigher core frequency cryptography Multiple pipelines per core Oracle numbers Arithmetic Increased core counts per chip Acceleration Larger caches Hardware DecompressionMore memory bandwidth In Memory Columnar Database Acceleration Memory Versioning Low Latency ClusteringPerformance Reliability Security In-memory Database Big Data 24. SPARC Server RoadmapMaximizing ResultsSPARC 1-64 Sockets +2x Throughput+1.5x Single StrandM-Series16-64 SocketsIn Test +2x Throughput M-Series>1x Single Strand5 Year Trajectory 16-64 Sockets+6x Throughput T-Series Cores 4x +1.5x Single Strand1-8 Sockets Threads 32x +20% Memory Capacity 16xT-SeriesM-Series1-4 SocketsIn TestDatabase TPM40x 1-64 Socket+1x ThroughputT-SeriesJava Ops Per Second 10x T-Series + 20% 1-8 Sockets +5x Single Strand 1-4 Socket+2.5x Throughput+ 2x Throughput>1x Single Strand 2010 2011201220132014 2015Solaris 11 Express Solaris 11Solaris 11 Update Solaris 11 UpdateSolaris 11 UpdateSoftware LifecycleSoftware Lifecycle High-Availability System ManagementCore ScalabilityScalability Scalability,Memory Scalability IO Scalability NetworkingNetworking Virtualization Security 25. WebCenter Content PeopleSoft Web11x x86 3x HP Itanium1M HTTP ops/secJava Enterprise Security Database2.4x IBM Power7 3x x86 3x IBM Power7Database RefreshCommunications Billing PeopleSoft4x IBM Power7 4x x86 consolidation 2.8x IBM z10SecurityJD Edwards Java5x IBM Power7 2.5x IBM Power72.2M JMS ops/secDatabaseComms Service Broker Data Warehousing2.3M IOPS 2.7x x86 3.6x HP Superdome 228 Copyright 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights Insert Information Protection Policy Classification from Slide 8 reserved. 26. Solaris 11Reliable. Scalable. Efficient. Secure. More Installations than AIX and HP-UX Combined. 11,000 Applications Just Work. Now in the Cloud. 27. Enterprise Performance for Cloud ApplicationsBuilt for Next-Decade Hardware Dynamic threads Optimized shared memory NUMA I/O Parallel network stack Crypto acceleration DTrace Latency-aware kernel Adaptable thread andmemory allocator memory placement Fully parallel network NUMA-aware kernel memory fan-processing out Topology-aware scheduler ZFS 128 bit block addresses 10x 10x 10x 10xNetworking CPUMemory Data 28. Oracles x86 Systems 29. Oracle x86 StrategyEngineered Systems(eg: Exadata, Exalogic)Prepackaged and Tested Application Sta