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  • 1. Application Software is what makes usingcomputers useful. The millions of applicationare used for both personal and businesspurposes.There are various categories of software.

2. Most popular type of application software Any type of software that enhancesproductivity. Examples of productivity software areword processing, spreadsheets, database,presentation software A collection of application software soldtogether is called Software suit for exampleMicrosoft Office. 3. Its useful in managing in managing information. Microsoft Outlook an example of PIM software Google Calendar can be used for personal orbusiness use by color coding. PIM software such as calendar software is animportant Mobile app. 4. MIS is used by professionals for achievingbusinesses and organizations goals.It gives reports and information for easydecision making processes.Maintains an inventory listIt collects data and creates reports 5. Its the same as a desktop software except thefact that it works over the web.There are full-featured applications deliveredover the web for Example Microsoft officeweb apps and Zoho Apps. 6. Also known as Mobile Apps There are over 10 Billion mobile apps. IPhone, Ipad, Androids and other smart phoneshave a advanced Mobile software. Gadgets and Widgets are small easy access appsthat can be accessed from desktop 7. It is the Activities required to install,maintain, and remove software from a system.Computers come with many apps and the usercan always install many more.Users should always Keep software up to date. 8. Run Installation FileInteract with installation wizard Agree to license terms Select the install locationChoose standard or custom Register and/or activate the software 9. It is the process of completely removing softwarefrom a computer or another device.This creates space and bandwidth. Sometimes other system utilities are needed tocompletely uninstall software such as Nortonsecurity.