IoT Solutions for Smart Energy Smart Grid and Smart Utility Applications

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Text of IoT Solutions for Smart Energy Smart Grid and Smart Utility Applications

  • Smart Energy / Grid / Infrastructure

    Many Applications and Devices

    A brief Introduction to the

    Eurotech Group and Eurotechs IoT Field-to-Application

    Building Blocks

    Robert Andres

  • The Internet of Things Is Changing the Energy Sector Added Value Chain

    Market forces require the transformation of the energy and utilities industry

    value chain

    Aging assets but increased

    expectations for reliability

    and workforce productivity

    Consumer role in energy

    management / conservation

    is increasingly important

    Changing demand

    dynamics vs. pressure

    for reliability

    Changes driven by growth

    in renewable energy

    generation and distributed


    Increasing attention to

    climate change and

    environmental concerns

  • The Internet of Things Is Changing the Energy Sector and its Added Value Chain

    Intelligent Things enable new use cases while the utility sector develops new energy-related services

    Applying business analytics to data collected from smart meters and other devices in real time to gain insights for better business decisions and automation is becoming paramount.

    Modeling New Rate Programs

    Outage Analysis

    Load Profiling

    Grid Loss

    Event Tracking and Trending

    Detection of Energy Theft

    Demand Response Program Evaluation

    Data Collection Analysis

    Distribution Network Planning

  • The Internet of Things Improving Old and Enabling New Business


    Value Add

    Business Model

    Business Processes

    Technological Approach


  • The Internet of Things

    Performance constrains

    Hardly any standards

    Human resource constrains (C++)

    Expensive, limited communication

    Monolithic approach

    Single-purpose devices

    Hardware-defined systems

    Store-and-Forward communication

    Operations-centric approach

    Evolution: M2M 2.0 = IoT

    Powerful embedded systems

    Open and industry standards

    No HR constrains (Java)

    Inexpensive, available communication

    Systemic & platform approach

    Multi-service systems

    Software-defined systems

    Real-time data and communication

    IT-centric approach

    Old M2M M2M 2.0 = IoT

  • The Internet of Things

    Lowest cost per node

    Single-purpose devices

    Performance optimized coding

    Static software

    Embedded approach necessary

    Edge connectivity and translation

    Data communication centric

    B2B M2M Market Segmentation / Devices

    Lowest cost per service / TCO

    Multi-service systems

    Abstracted coding (Java, OSGi)

    Dynamic code

    IT centric approach feasible / required

    Edge computing and aggregation

    Control and service centric

    Single Purpose /

    Single Service

    M2M Devices

    Multi Purpose /

    Multi Service

    M2M Devices

  • The Internet of Things M2M / IoT Distributed Systems Fundamental Aspects

    It is all about encapsulating the complexity of M2M distributed systems


    Reduce development time and risk

    Ensure optimum investment protection

    Avoid dependencies between the Things in the field and the


    Leverage world-class, proven architectures, protocols and technology

    Reduce dramatically the TCO of distributed device infrastructures

    Rapidly implement innovative, new business models and processes

    without creating dependencies


    Preserve and extend the customers value proposition

  • The Internet of Things Traditional OT Solutions Inflexibility, Dependencies

    Transportation Logistics

    Medical &


    Industrial &


    Security & Surveillance

  • The Internet of Things Decoupling Producers & Consumers of Data = IoT

    Transportation Logistics

    Medical &


    Industrial &


    Security & Surveillance

  • IoT Integration Platform Integrating Distributed Devices with Enterprise IT



    Everyware Cloud

    IoT Integration Platform (iPaaS)

  • IoT / M2M

    Unique Value Proposition

    Introducing Eurotech




  • Eurotech Overview

    One of the world top players in the global Embedded Computers market

    Behind the products & services of more than 20 Global 500 companies

    20+ Years of experience in M2M / IoT and distributed systems

    20+ Years experience in embedded / gateway hardware & software

    16 Years ago co-developed MQTT with IBM

    10+ Years experience with Java in embedded

    6+ Years history in M2M/IoT cloud platforms

    Strong vertical market competences:

    Industrial & Logistics


    Defense & Security

    Healthcare & Medical 12

    Eurotechs Essence

  • Eurotech Introduction Group Global Footprint




    Marketing and Sales

    Development & Engineering



  • Eurotech Value Proposition Dependable, Innovative, Global

    Products & Systems developed to operate reliably in

    the most demanding and severe conditions

    Certifications, also for demanding environments

    Long life cycle products, obsolescence management

    and long term spare parts availability

    Software maintenance and ongoing functions upgrade

    Software and hardware design compliant to customer

    specifications and standards

    Dedicated project management teams

    Customized documentation and training on site.

    Worldwide service & support

    Able to comply with local requirements

  • Customer Value First! Eurotech Value Proposition Sweet Spots

    Rich portfolio of general purpose and purpose-built

    standard products

    Custom & customized standard products

    Long Life products, services & support

    Solutions for demanding applications : Ruggedization


    Mobile communication

    High performance

    Low power


    Efficient Development of Embedded & IoT Software OS Support

    IoT Middleware (ESF)

    IoT Integration Platform (Everyware Cloud)

    Professional Services



    Best Price /





  • Services for Partners & Customers Efficient processes & logistics

    Project management for more complex engagements

    Support (international, .)

    Validation & Testing

    Products and Solutions Broad range of CPU boards and SBCs

    Box products & modular systems

    Standard, custom & COTS

    IP, Assets & Capabilities HW, SW and mechanical design (standard & custom)

    Manufacturing process management

    Deep expertise in

    Ruggedization and miniaturization

    Mobile solutions

    Low-power and ultra low-power

    Strong Embedded Ecosystem (Intel, WR,

    NVIDIA, ARM, )

    Overview Capability & Portfolio Competitive in Traditional Embedded

  • Overview Capability & Portfolio Out-performing Traditional Embedded

    Services for Partners & Customers Long Life Cycle Product Services and Support

    obsolescence management

    long term spare parts availability and repair services

    Form function fit replacement

    Certifications (transportation, rail, defense, safety, SIL,

    EMC, mobile carrier)

    Professional Services

    Migration Services

    Processor Generation or Architecture change

    Component EOL


    Products and Solutions HPEC

    Vertical Solutions & Smart Sensors

    IP, Assets & Capabilities High performance computing and hard real-time

    Cooling Systems and thermal management

    Low power designs

  • Overview Capability & Portfolio IoT: Creating an Unique Value Proposition

    Services for Partners & Customers IoT Solution Practice / Consulting

    Supporting different OPEX / CAPEX models, DaaS

    Products and Solutions IoT Gateways

    IoT Device Middleware / ESF

    IoT Integration Platform / Everyware Cloud

    (public or private cloud, on-premise)

    IP, Assets & Capabilities IoT Software Development

    IT/OT Integration

    IoT Security

    Communication & Security

    IoT Protocols / MQTT

    Cisco IOS integration

    IoT Ecosystem

    Open Source / Eclipse (Kura, Kapua, Paho, )

    Red Hat

    Many other companies and Organizations

  • Application Optimized Embedded Standard, Custom and Customized Standard Products

    Modular but integrated offering:

    Supplementing the customer / partner where necessary

    Boards to Sub-Systems

    Electronic, mechanical design, certifications

    Embedded & IoT Software building blocks

    From prototype to volume production

    Professional Services for all phases

    CPU Modules

    I/ O & Carrier


    Enclosure &


    CPU Modules

    I/ O & Carrier


    CPU Modules CPU Modules