Intro to Salesforce Mobile SDK: Building Hybrid Apps Webinar

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The Salesforce Platform Mobile Services provides developers with tools to easily create mobile applications while leveraging existing skill sets like Visualforce, JavaScript and HTML. The open-source Salesforce Platform Mobile SDKs afford you the flexibility of building native, web and hybrid apps for iOS and Android. This webinar is the first in a series focusing on the new Mobile SDK 2.0 features and will demonstrate how the SDK to can empower your Visualforce pages to create hybrid applications - applications that can leverage native functionality even when written completely in HTML and JavaScript. Future webinars will focus on using the iOS and Android versions of the Mobile SDK. Josh and Akhilesh show developers how to take features of Mobile Services, like the jQuery Mobile Pack, and convert them to hybrid applications using the Mobile SDK 2.0. Developers will also see some of the unique features of the Mobile SDK - including new components for building your mobile interface and the ability to store information offline securely on a mobile device. Key Takeaways: Learn how to leverage your existing Visualforce and JavaScript skills to build mobile apps Use HTML and JavaScript to easily create and customize your mobile interface Leverage the Mobile SDK 2.0 to create hybrid applications that provide mobile device functionality, like secure storage and access to camera, using Visualforce pages.