Instagram vs vine: Battle Of The Short Form Video Apps

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<ul><li><p>Battle of the short form video apps </p></li><li><p> Launched in 2010 as an iOS app </p><p> Launched in 2012 as an Android app </p><p> Purchased by Facebook for over 1 </p><p>billion in 2012 </p><p> As of June 2013 has over 130 million </p><p>users </p><p> Video was added to Instagram in June </p><p>2013 </p></li><li><p> Launched in 2012 as an iOS app </p><p> Launched in 2013 as an Android app </p><p> Purchased by Twitter in October 2012 </p><p> As of August 2013 has over 40 million </p><p>users </p></li><li><p> Features </p><p> Allows users to record video or upload previously recorded video </p><p> Allows for videos up to 15 seconds in length </p><p> Has 14 filters available to enhance the look of your video </p><p> Can share your video to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr </p><p> Hashtags can be used to help categorize your video </p><p> Users can comment on and like your video </p></li><li><p> Features </p><p> Video recording is limited in length to 6 </p><p>seconds </p><p> Video camera offers a ghost mode to allow </p><p>for easier creation of stop motion videos </p><p> You can use hashtags and select </p><p>categories to help categorise your videos </p><p> Can share to Twitter or Facebook </p><p> Users can ReVine,Comment and Like </p><p>videos </p></li><li><p>Instagram or Vine? </p><p> Determine where your audience is and </p><p>use the appropriate network in order to </p><p>reach the most amount of your audience </p><p> Full post at: </p><p> </p><p> @The_Social360 </p><p> @cegeland </p><p> </p><p></p></li></ul>