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Infovision 2011 Next Gen BI Analytics Competency, Prasad RN, Infosys

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Infovision 2011 Next Gen BI Analytics Competency, Prasad RN, Infosys

Text of Infovision 2011 Next Gen BI Analytics Competency, Prasad RN, Infosys

  • 1. Next-Gen CompetencyRequirements forBI and AnalyticsByR.N. PrasadInfosys Education & Research

2. Key Takeaways Business context of Competency Development Sharpening CompetenciesPortfolio of Education Investments2 3. Business context ofCompetency Development3 4. Evolution of BI & AnalyticsKPIs &ReportingScorecard Interaction Role basedSharedInfluencing InformationInsightsDecisions 4 5. Competency Levels (Insights, Trends, Innovations,CONSULTING Research Leadership Thought Leadership, LEVEL Business Impact Community) (Tools,PRACTICEProfessional NetworkMultiple Tools Research) LEVELMultiple Technology Domains (Concepts,Technical Proficiency Practices,FOUNDATIONHands-on Experience Standards, Applications) LEVEL Learnability 5 6. New Paradigms of Learning Any Time Classroom Video-based self-trainingIn BatchesPeer-to-peer support Facilitated learningDiff Time Same TimeTraditionalVideo ConferencesClassrooms Webinars Same Place Diff Place Any Place6 7. Sharpening Competencies7 8. Multi-Disciplinary Nature of BI & A ProjectsOptics Media Data Coding & CompressionCompactPackageBattery Color Display8 9. Familiar Roles in IT Educator Business AnalystProject ManagerApplication Developer Solution Architect Data Architect 9 10. Project Organization as Driver CompetencySpecialization (Architecture/ Content Management/ GIS/ Visualization/ MDM/ Levels UDM/ IDP)ERP (SAP/ Departmental Groupware &External Data Oracle)Applications OA Sources/4 Benchmarks Consult Behavioral (Soft skills/ Consulting/ Virtual Teams/ Change Management) Practice Methodologies (Domain/ Metrics/ Reporting/ Project Execution/ Program) 3 BI Applications ( CPM/ BSC/ SCM/CRM/ HCM/ QMS Frameworks)Lead Related Technologies (Cloud computing, Enterprise Mobility, Social Analytics) 2 BI Basics (Statistics & Data Analysis, ETL, Multi-dimensional Modeling, Reporting)Develop Domain Specific (Core Business Processes, Business Metrics, Role based Analytics)Quality and Project/ Program Management 1 Support Platforms & Foundation - (OS, RDBMS, Software Engineering/ Scripting/User Experience) 10 11. Competency Dimensions & Approaches Retrain Engineers familiar with Application Development Extensive BI Tools training Add-on Soft skills & Program Business & Soft Skills Management skills Learn ON-THE-JOB11 12. Portfolio of Education Investments12 13. Getting Ready! Business andIndustry Domain Key Enterprise Technologies/ ToolsUsability Engineering Practice Methodology Program Management(Change Management)Innovation 13 14. Infosys Approach to Continuous Education Voice of the clients Foundation Program Learning CreditsMarket trends Certification CoE Aspirations of employee Thought Leadership AlliancesOrganizational goals 14 15. Global Alignment 15 16. Thank You

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