Improving Overall Software Quality Through Profiling and Performance Testing

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Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate lets you profile and stress test your application early and throughout its development lifecycle with realistically modeled simulated load. By integrating performance validations early into your applications, you can ensure that your solution copes with real-world demands and behaves in a predictable manner, effectively increasing overall software quality. In this session, we will learn the importance of performance and stress testing, as well as the capabilities of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate to improve profiling and testing throughout the application lifecycle.


  • 1. Improving Overall SoftwareQuality Through Profiling andPerformance TestingErvin Loh and Lai EeALM Program Manager and ALM EngineerK365Labs Sdn Bhd
  • 2. Agenda Load & Performance Testing with Visual Studio Proven within Microsoft External Success Stories The Visual Studio Load & Performance Offering The Visual Studio Load & Performance Community
  • 3. Visual Studio: Battle HardenedVisual Studio isthe de facto loadtesting toolwithin Microsoft Scales to massive loads Handles the most complex scenarios
  • 4. Load Test Internal Success StoriesTeam Test Target DescriptionOffice Server Office SharePoint Perf and stress testing of Office Server System Windows SharePoint Excel ServerSQL SQL Reporting Services Perf and Stress, benchmarking, sizing SQL BIDynamics AX Dynamics 4.0 Perf and Stress, benchmarking, sizingMSN/Live Ad Center High volume perf and stress testing Hot Mail Virtual Earth Recent 12-hour production test: Autos March Madness Total requests generated 3.63 Billion Music Average requests/sec 84,248 MoreGroove Open Office Perf and Stress TestingDevDiv Team Foundation Server Perf and Stress Test TFSMSIT SAP Load Test SAP via Web ServicesMSTV IPTV servers Huge tests to load test IPTV national rolloutMS CRM MS CRM Perf and Stress, benchmarking, sizing Using Load Tests to validate IPTV Perf and Stress Testing Each services 100,000 customersDr Watson Log collection servers Perf andmajor telecoms are customers: Many Stress TestingWindows Update Patch download servers Perf andTel Italia, Bell Canada, more AT&T, Stress Testing
  • 5. External Success Stories Services Test Labs Professional performance and stress testing services Before: 100% on HP Load Runner and Borland Silk Performer After: 100% on VS, with many successful customer engagements Prefer VS over Load Runner and Silk Performer Many others
  • 6. Tailspin Toys
  • 7. Agenda Load & Performance Testing with Visual Studio The Visual Studio Load & Performance Offering Web Test Architecture & Feature Set Load Test Architecture & Feature Set The Visual Studio Load & Performance Community
  • 8. Web Performance Test Feature Set Deep integration with Visual Studio Web (HTTP) Tests Data Collection Performance Counter Sets capture key measurements Test results stored in SQL for custom reporting Performance Analysis Correlate of server activity with performance measurements Drill into error logs
  • 9. Web Performance Test Recorder Visual Studio Launches Internet Explorer Visual Studio Internet Explorer Recorder BHO Browser eventsRecorder Listener Record events Browser Control Browser Recorder Merging Recorder Wininet Shim Record events Wininet Recorder Record events Wininet Intercepts wininet calls
  • 10. Web Test Recorder Plugin Visual Studio Launches Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Visual Studio Recorder BHO Browser events Record events Browser Browser Control Merging Recorder Recorder Wininet Wininet Shim Recorder Wininet Record events Intercept s wininet calls Record events Recorder Listener
  • 11. Key Capabilities in 2010 Declarative branching and looping in a web performance test Excel based performance reporting Run UI tests as performance tests Integration with data collectors profiler Intellitrace
  • 12. Web Performance Tests
  • 13. Visual Studio 2010 Load TestArchitectureVisual Studio Load agent web server test controller database serverMicrosoft Test Manager 2010
  • 14. Load/Stress Test Feature Set Flexible Load Modeling Scenarios for modeling different user groups Goal-based, step, constant, and custom load patterns Model different browsers and networks Duration-based and iteration based Efficient Load Generation Unit tests can be run under load
  • 15. Key Capabilities in 2010 Virtual user activity chart 64-bit test execution Driver level network emulation Collect the full test result on error Numerous enhancements to make creating scripts easier New extensibility points and more
  • 16. Load Tests
  • 17. Agenda Load & Performance Testing with Visual Studio The Visual Studio Load & Performance Offering The Visual Studio Load & Performance Community Plugins, Extensibility Forums, Blogs
  • 18. Extensibility Load test plugins Many extensibility points in Web performance tests web test plugins web test request plugins web test recorder plugins diagnostic data adapters (DDA) (a.k.a data collectors)
  • 19. Visual Studio Load & PerformanceCommunity Forums US/vstswebtest/threads Blogs index-for-web-tests-and-load-tests.aspx