Immersive Virtual Reality Seminar by Shruti Nimbkar

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This presentation gives a brief introduction about Immersive Virtual Reality and its applications.


  • 1. Presented By: Shruti Nimbkar Roll No - 7 9/3/2013 1SNDTWU

2. Virtual Reality Examples Immersive Virtual Reality Examples of Immersive Virtual Reality CAVE Application of CAVE VIRTSIM References 9/3/2013 2 SNDTWU 3. At the end of this seminar you will be able to: Explain virtual reality in your own words Describe the meaning of Immersive Virtual Reality Define the meaning of CAVE State the application of CAVE State the applications of Immersive Virtual Reality 9/3/2013 3 SNDTWU 4. 9/3/2013 4 SNDTWU 5. 9/3/2013 5 SNDTWU Simulation Games Simulations 6. Is a very advanced technology User interacts with the virtual objects in a natural and intuitive manner. Immersion creates perception of presence in a non-physical world. User must perceive the virtual environment to be physically real 9/3/2013 6 SNDTWU 7. CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environment 9/3/2013 7 SNDTWU 8. Cube shaped room Walls are projection screens Must be placed inside a dark room Images are projected on the screens Special glasses are worn by the user Sensors are fitted in the room 9/3/2013 8 SNDTWU 9. 3-D Cave facility in FORD at Germany Develop the interior of the new cars To test the working and feel of new cars 9/3/2013 9 SNDTWU 10. Video 9/3/2013 10 SNDTWU 11. No need to develop a physical prototype Cost effective 9/3/2013 11 SNDTWU 12. 9/3/2013 12 SNDTWU Training system FBI agents are trained Located in USA 13. 9/3/2013SNDTWU 13 Trained individually or in full squads. The training gears or the guns are very realistic in weight and dimensions to an original gun Head-to-toe immersed 14. 9/3/2013 14 SNDTWU Video 15. 9/3/2013 15 SNDTWU No danger of getting hurt physically SAFE 16. 9/3/2013SNDTWU 16 Virtual Tour 17. 9/3/2013SNDTWU 17 Medical 18. 9/3/2013SNDTWU 18 tual_reality 19. THANK YOU 9/3/2013 19 SNDTWU