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The Conducttr Conference 2014 Alison Norrington Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out @storycentral #cdttr2014

Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out

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The Conducttr Conference 2014Alison NorringtonImmersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside [email protected]#cdttr20141

when power and money drive passions,can love conquer all?

The Chatsfield began as a fictional storyworld born as an 8-book series published by Harlequin Mills & Boon. At its core is anepic non-linear storyworld focusing on family,loyalty, love and revenge, with a core question,

2Storyworld Development

a website about a hotel not a hotel website

Holding page prior to launchWanted to look secret cinema style live event, costume, intrigue4

The Chatsfield Experience expands from the moment you check in at www.thechatsfield.com - put your name on the guest list, leave your baggage with the concierge and trust your secrets to the gilded halls of the worlds most lavish and lascivious hotel.



At www.thechatsfield.com you step through the doors of the flagship London 5* hotel and, if you want the full experience, will CHECK IN.

Checking in means creating your personal profile with your email address (and, if you want the full immersive experience) your telephone number.

Checking in immediately welcomes you as a Chatsfield C-list VIP and youll receive a welcome pack in which there is a room key and a series of partner offers.

Checking in also brings a more layered experience, but well come back to that later.


Scrolling vertically through The Chatsfield website you will come across 4 key characters:Jessie Loe, Exec PA to Lucilla Chatsfield

HYPERLINKED Enter her office and choose to click on her phone to dial her directly, her TV - which launches her mini blog web series The Loedown (in response to a challenge set by her best friend Katie Jones) https://www.youtube.com/jessiesloedownhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AEBSteF1Mc


or, if you want to really dig into a host of stories you can click on her iMac and have direct access to Jessies Inbox. Jessies Inbox is whats known as a rabbit hole (think Alice In Wonderland) where you can access daily updates of emails from people close to Jessie - her Mum (June) as she joins Facebook and proceeds to question Jessies every status update, her best friend (New Yorker Katie Jones, who has set her this challenge to stay single for 3 months - which means closing her 7 dating site accounts and send a video diary 3 times a week).


Jessies Inbox is an up-close-and-personal sneak peek at the people in Jessies life, how they talk to her, how she reacts and serves as 11 character storylines told in bite-sized chunks.

13Jessies Inbox also opens new stories about her fitful relationship with her ex, Jason, and her struggles as she tries to encourage him to do what she does so well online dating

You too can email characters for

further information, personal questions, in-story puzzles and dilemmas

and you will receive personal and direct replies in real time click the links in the website to see where emails pop up for you to send and await personal responses from.


2nd character - Ally Gregory is a Chatsfield chambermaid with an exciting and illicit secret thats just crying to be found out and you can dive in for more at www.blissundone.com


confusingly flirtatious and then serious emails from our resident media mogul Adam Brightman (currently living in the Presidential Suite),

as Jessie cant figure out why he always wants to talk and whether hes flirting with her, or just being nice


and frustratingly observant emails from hunky new mixologist and bar manager Daniel Northman


who plays cat-and-mouse with Jessie until the power shifts a few weeks into their relationship as she finds out his own personal quest and his dark secrets


Jessies Inbox also open the doors to another quandary her sudden and mysterious sekritadmirer, who sends a courier with gifts to her office regularly, emails her and also couriers her a mobile phone loaded with riddles and obscure clues as to who he might be.


For more insight into Jessies staying single challenge, check out The Loedown (accessed at www.youtube.com/jessiesloedown or through Jessies wall-mounted TV in her office). This is Jessies video diary as she documents her quest and struggle to remain single - a challenge that she initially thinks is ludicrous, but slowly realises is a well-timed rescue mission from her best friend Katie.


Within The Loedown you will find a series of short episodes (1.5 to 2 minutes) that will give further bite-sized insights into Jessies life, her mood, her dilemmas and a host of emails that she receives from the Bond-like Daniel Northman.


Jessie is juggling a lot! A sudden influx of men who collectively tick her boxes, a friend on her back who has set this challenge along with an additional demand that she watch 24 Romantic Movies over the course of the 13 weeks, an overpowering and yet frustrating attraction to Daniel Northman, a new chambermaid friend with a big secret, a secret admirer and some dark ghosts from her past that shes struggling to come to terms with


Back to the website www.thechatsfield.com Returning to The Chatsfield lobby at www.thechatsfield.com will allow you to scroll vertically again to find:

Ally Gregory (our Chatsfield chambermaid with a family problem, a big secret and an acute eye for business), Daniel Northman (Bar Manager and mixologist - new recruit at The Chatsfield) who, as you follow emails in Jessies inbox and interact with characters you will find yourself at the heart of an exciting murder mystery story and Jessies additional quest to find out who Daniel Northman really is. Adam Brightman, media mogul and resident in the Presidential Suite is another confusing liaison for Jessie as he continues to buy her Monday flowers, always wants to talk, but constantly changes the plans at the last minute.There are many choices for how YOU want to experience The Chatsfield, through the 8-book series, bite-sized chunks of video in The Loedown, immersive storytelling by character in Jessies Inbox, through social media at www.facebook.com/jessieloe29, www.facebook.com/thechatsfield, on Twitter through @jessieloedown, @blissundone, @brightman_adam or @TheChatsfield31

So now, lets get back to Checking In.

Checking in kickstarts a game, in which you will receive badges and rewards for communicating with characters, helping some of them on their individual missions and quests and the further along you get, the more information you have with inside information.


And then you can share your thoughts, experiences, personal stories and conversation topics that have interested or excited you in the Chatsfield Lounge -http://www.thechatsfield.com/lounge.

The Lounge is your space to get to know each other, discuss story lines and even collaborate on ideas as to who Jessies secret admirer is, romantic movies, helping Jessie with her quest and finding out the secret storyline behind Daniel Northman.

38The Chatsfield has been crafted so that you choose your own experience

short-form video, conversations on social media, immersive storytelling with easter eggs and clues through Jessies daily emails, a deeper murder mystery that is delivered direct to your devices, group chats, or create your own stories.You choose how you enjoy the sprawling, exciting stories to be found at The Chatsfield.

The Making of The Chatsfield

Content creation & management

Night before launch 5 May 2014

Jessies Inbox

emails by week

Content management, social media plan & release spreadsheet

Over 800 pieces of contentBrand Development

Website Developmenta website about a hotel not a hotel website

The Chatsfield

Initial web mapping & functionalityMapping conversion to planogram by BTL BrandsFinal website

Jessies Inbox

Early planning of 47 email story threads from 11 characters Production of email stories by weekFinal interactive inbox with over 500 email interactions (powered by Conducttr)

The Loedown

The Loedown shooting script

The Loedown

Sheena Bhattessa as Jessie LoeStory mapping, writing & production of The Loedown

e: [email protected] t: @storycentral +44.7930.692968+1.661.755.9591

thank you