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  • 1. IFS Juniors MIS 2013 IFS

2. DATABASE DESIGHN 2013 IFS 3. 2013 IFS DATABASE Bit and pieces3 4. Registration 2013 IFS 5. 2013 IFS Included all registration details in six steps. All child details in first step are mandatory. If user is a existing parent In the system can fetch data from database. Either father , mother or guardian should be a Ifs user. , REGISTRATION WIZARD About the template5 6. 2013 IFS RENEWEL PROCESS 7. 2013 IFS PURPOSE OF RENEWEL PROCESS IFS Junior MIS7 Send reminder to users when they have to pay. Accessible for specific roles in IFS junior daycare committee. Send notifications to user when approved every payments. Keep records about user subscriptions/registration payment for their children. 8. 2013 IFS PAYMENT IFS Junior MIS8 Visible all registered children names and their registration id. name and id of selected child. Description about payment type* Paid date* Next payment date* Sent reminder information for next payment. *Automatically fetch default data and editable 9. 2013 IFS BOOKING PROCESS 10. 2013 IFS Provide booking facilities to particulate children for coming weeks. Able to see their booked slots and an overview of all bookings. PURPOSE OF BOOKING PROCESS IFS Junior MIS10 Bookings slots should be able to cancel by the user. Send notification in some changers of their bookings. Able to access to registered Parent or Gaurdian (and Delegater). 11. 2013 IFS Visible all children who have registered under current logging user name. SELECT A CHILD BOOKING IFS Junior MIS11 12. 2013 IFS Apparent number of pre defined coming weeks in list. SELECT A WEEK FROM COMING WEEKS BOOKING IFS Junior MIS12 13. 2013 IFS Number of free slots in a session of given day. BOOK SLOTS BOOKING IFS Junior MIS13 No free slots available now. But can book as a tentative slot. User cant book in holidays. Some one want to book every slots in whole week. Accomplish that booking user has selected. Cancel that user selecting slot for book. 14. 2013 IFS Child has a fixed slot in this session of given day. SUMMARY OF BOOKING IFS Junior MIS14 Child has a tentative slot and indicate his position in queue. 15. CANCEL BOOKING 2013 IFS 16 User can cancel bookings that have already booked. When record is deleted it will deleted from the booking table and save in cancel booking tab. When cancel a booking slot first child of the queue will up to fix state. Cancel book slot goes to the cancelled state. 16. 2013 IFS CANCEL BOOKING Bit and pieces16 Booking slots 17. 2013 IFS BOOKING OVERVIEW Bit and pieces17 18. 2013 IFS BOOKING OVERVIEW Bit and pieces18 19. 2013 IFS ADDMIN PANEL 20. 2013 IFS Define important values and boundaries to control the process. Handle some user restriction. AUTHORITY OF ADDMIN Settings and tips20 21. 2013 IFS BASIC DATA, DATE LIMITATION AND PERMISSION HANDLER ADDMIN PANEL Settings and tips21 22. 2013 IFS Defined binding variables for required information in each particular mail contents and it will not be able to update missing those variable. SET MAIL CONTENTS ADDMIN PANEL Settings and tips22 23. 2013 IFS PROBLEMS AND QUESTIONS. IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEMS, OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MARKETING MANAGER.