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  • Input voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz Output voltage/current: DC 12V/3A Dimensions (V-Plate charger): 3.3(W) x 1.1(H) x 5.6(D) inches Weight: 0.79 lbs approx. Charge plate input voltage: DC 12V +/- 5% Compatible batteries: All IDX ENDURA System Li-ion batteries

    Now you can charge on the go with the VL-PVC1: the latest addition to our ENDURA charger product line-up. When it has to be portable and compact for crew work or when keeping travel gear light, the VL-PVC1 delivers the small profile of our V-Plate combined with robust charging that works on all our ENDURA series 12V Lithium Ion batteries.


  • This will provide a D-Tap for broadcast camera that do not have a D-Tap output.

    12V to 5V/7.3V

  • The A-E2KPM is a rugged V-Mount chassis and mounting adaptor for the AJA Ki Pro Mini flash disk recorder. Attaching directly to the camera V-Mount, the A-E2KPM allows IDX ENDURA 12V Lithium Ion V-Mount batteries to provide power for both the Ki Pro Mini and the camera. In a stand-alone configuration, IDX ENDURA batteries supply ample power for the AJA disk recorder.

    Dimensions: 4.45(W) x 5.28(D) x 7.09(H) inches Weight: 1.55 lbs approx. D-Tap Output: 12VDC (unregulated) battery voltage output (50W max.)


    can be mounted

    belt loop to wear on operators waist belt.


    This battery adaptor is specially designed for providing DC power for Panasonic monitors BT-3DL2550 and BT-LH2550 using ENDURA batteries. The A-E2BT24V installs easily onto either monitors VESA100 mount area using supplied screw set or attaching the hardwired XLR connector directly to the monitor. This mount can be installed either vertically or horizontally. IDX strongly recommends using models ELITE, E-HL9 or E-HL9S for this application.

    Dimensions: 4.64 (w) x 6.29 (H) x 1.93 (D) inches (cable not included) Weight: 1.22 lbs approx.

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    4 channel selectable frequencies and Auto

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