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Sending Settlement Results using Data Ex process EXPSETTLPA

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  • 1. IDE : Sending Settlement Results Data Exchange Process : EXPSETTLPAPresented By : Rakesh DasguptaContent at :

2. Agenda1.Scenario2.Important Points3.Screenshots4.Demo5.Questions 3. ScenarioIn settlement, load shapes or schedules are determined in thesettlement workbench using multiple settlement steps. Thesettlement results are updated as result profiles. If we want tosend these profiles, we have to implement another settlementstep.Settlement step SENDSUPR can send to service providers thatare allocated to the settlement unit. One can use this settlementstep to control load shapes sent to the settlement coordinator orsupplier etc.Settlement step SENDGRIDPR can send data to all distributors inthe grid hierarchy. Generally, the supplier uses this step to sendthe schedule to either all or to specific distributors in the gridhierarchy.Settlement step SENDGRSUPR combines the functions of thetwo previous steps to make a single step. 4. Important PointsIn both steps, the existence of result profiles for the allocatedregister (business partner of the service provider) determines, towhich service providers one should send data. Therefore, theappropriate profile headers must already be allocated to therelevant registers in the preliminary stages.Once the system has determined which service providers to sendprofiles to its will automatically trigger the data exchange when thesettlement run has been executed. Basic Data Exchange ProcessEXPSETTLPA is used.For details of EXPSETTLPA check this Data for IDE 5. Settlement Document 6. Send Profile Data 7. Monitoring of Data Exchange in Sender System 8. Data Exchange for Supplier : EXPSETTLPA 9. Checking the Reference Document 10. Profile Values as shown from Reference Document 11. IDoc Sent by the Sender System 12. IDoc Search in Receiver System 13. The Idoc 14. The Idoc as received from the Settlement Run 15. Profile Values are directly uploaded 16. Customizing Setting in the Settlement Procedure 17. Demo 18. Questions