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1. Getting problem-iPhoto wont import pictures Solution of this problem are given here 2. Content Getting problem iPhoto wont import pictures Cause of this error Solution Third party tool Features Thanks 3. Getting problem iPhoto wont import pictures iPhoto is the one of the most usable application of the Mac system which is used to edit photos or pictures to give a attractive and impressive look. You can create the photo with a good background , effects etc but sometime when you attach the camera with Mac system to import the pictures then iPhoto wont import pictures. 4. Cause of this error If you are getting the problem of iPhoto wont import photos or pictures then it may be that the version of iPhoto you are using is very old or out dated or it may be crashed. Cache and preferences may be the issue of this problem. 5. Solution If you are getting the problem that iPhoto wont import images or photos then you can fix it if you delete and reinstall iPhoto. You can also do that delete cache and preferences files then try to import pictures. It also may be that the system files are missing or malicious programs injected in the system and damage or move some files of the system so use a third party tool to fix this problem. 6. Third party tool 7. Third Party Tool If you are unable to solve the problem iPhoto Wont import pictures then it is the best option to use a third party tool but it is also compulsory to select the one of the best tool which can solve the problem so you can use MacKeeper which is specially developed to solve the problems of the Mac system. Download and install the software and run to fix automatically. 8. Features MacKeeper has so many features but some of them are given below- i) Easy interface ii) Solve the problem in a minute iii) Protect the system from malicious programs attack iv) Repair missing system files 9. For more info visit :- http://www.fixmacerror.com