I phone apps development, iphone apps development,iphone apps development

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Fusion Informatics company based in toronto offers complete solution for mobile app development, iphone application development at very very affordable price.

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  • 1. www.fusioninformatics.caiPhone apps development has resulted in the invention of various applications. iPhone appsdevelopers are using their creative ideas to come up with the most exciting apps that can makethings easier and more entertaining for the users. With the release of the new open-sourcePhotoAppLink library, iPhone users can now easily edit any image with the use of multiplephoto-editing apps.This application works by providing a mechanism for sending an image from one application tothe other. This features is available in different applications including Snap!, Color Splash,Simply B&W, PicTools, AutoStitch, TrueHDR, Juxtaposer, Click! and Photogene.Users can now capture and edit images in more ways than they could do before. Previously, usershad to use a number of applications to process one image.They also had to transfer an image from one application to the other which was rather tedious.Users should save the edited image to the camera roll, close the running app and then run thenext to load the image in it so that they can edit it. However, all these tasks get reduced withPhotoAppLink. With this application you can select another application which is compatible withPhotoAppLink interface. This launches the new app while transferring the image from theprevious application to the new application. The user can edit it immediately.PhotoAppLink apps can automatically detect other compatible apps installed on your device andyou can access them in a user-friendly interface. This also offers a separate list of additionalcompatible apps the user may not have. You can see that how easy it makes to find more appsthat support this simplified workflow.PocketPixels and CodeCrop were the founding fathers of PhotoAppLink. Implemented as anopen-source library, it is available on GitHub. The library is well documented. It is easy tointegrate into existing applications.