HyperWeek 2.9

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New features announcement on HyperWeek

Text of HyperWeek 2.9

  • 1. HW 2.97 great updates to start 2013

2. @youConsult with the new mention system -@- and get multiple answers frommention colleagues across the organization 3. #?Add context to your updates and improve discoveryhashtag suggestion 4. branding /settings Change the header color according to your brandingavailable via yourdomain.com/settings or *.hw.io/settings 5. hallo German is now available by default on all networksgermanavailable via yourdomain.com/settings or *.hw.io/settings 6. optimizedpage load time Faster display of updates, channels, featured content 7. yummy stream Bigger medias in activity streams & soft reshare via like 8. All notifications emails are nothtml emails text-only any moreDigestNetwork invitationGroup invitationFollowLikeIntroductionCommentContent moderationMember moderationVideo encoded... 9. and in case you missed the previous updatesincluding filesand thumbnailnew rich text editorsuggestion 10. compatible iOS6, iPad, Androidhtml5 upload drag&drop 11. Ask for a trial on hw.io