Htc wildfire android 2.2 froyo update

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I have shared the pics of the froyo update to HTC Wildfire. Don't forget to keep your charger connected

Text of Htc wildfire android 2.2 froyo update

  • 1. HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 Froyo update || A lot to Learn Explore and Share ||Blog.BaljeetSingh.Net ||My Blog Post of Froyo Update||

2. Step 01

  • Go To Settings -> About Phone -> System Software Update -> Check now

3. Step 02

  • Select the network from where to download

4. Step 3

  • Confirmation before download, Click OK.

5. Progress

  • Progress can be seen in notification area.

6. 7. 8. Progress

  • Click on the progress bar notification area and above details can be seen

9. Verifying package

  • Once the download finishes, Verification process of the package will start.

10. System update is ready

  • If you choose install later, you can select the update from the notification area . (which you have to if the battery is low, and was case for me)

11. Read it Carefully

  • Confirmation before install

12. Start the installation

  • You will not be able to use your phone , at least for 30 40 minutes.

13. Update WIP

  • Phone will reboot with HTC screen

14. Update - WIP

  • Wait the progress to finish.

15. Update Approx 50 % done

  • The progress bar will disappear

16. Long Wait Time

  • After the phone auto starts it will take a long time on this screen . I felt like my phone is dead ! You will see the lock screen ,but still WIP.

17. Congratulations your phone is updated !

  • The bad news is to see the above screen you really have to relax, because phone is not operatable even after you see the phone lock screen.!!

18. But wait for few seconds ! :P

  • one more progress , this one is very quick and short.And your phone is Ready to Rock.

19. Select the home screen 20. On screen wizard settings 21. (New) your phone back up to your Gmail A/c.

  • Thats it. Enjoy your journey with Android 2.2 Froyo.

22. !! Cheers !!