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Susan Balle of HP presentation to NCOIC on cloud computing


  • 1. The Emergence of Cloud Computing Susanne M. Balle SW Architect Scalable Computing and Infrastructure Technology for better business outcomes 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

2. Outline Emergence of Cloud Computing HP and Cloud Computing Delivering with the biggest names in the industry Pioneering delivery of IT as a service HP/Intel/Yahoo! Cloud Computing Research TestBed 2 9/17/2008 3. The Third Generation reachThe Cloud ThevirtualizedservicesWeb information & e-commerceTheInternet connectivitytime 1970 1980 19902000 20052010 20203 9/17/2008 4. So, What is Cloud Computing? The definition is suitably vague. Some attempts: The 451 Group: The cloud is IT as a Service, delivered by IT resources that are independent of location Gartner: Cloud computing is a style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided as a service across the Internet to multiple external customers Forrester: A pool of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed infrastructure capable of hosting end- customer applications and billed by consumption4 9/17/2008 5. Aspects of Cloud Computing Massive scale-out environment (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Amazon) Highly horizontally scalable infrastructure (10-100 thousand servers) Host internet-scale applications Relentless focus on cost Everything as a Service SaaS (e.g. Salesforce, GoogleApps) IaaS, DaaS, PaaS, Delivery over the Internet New business models e.g. pay per use, subscription, Users as co-developers Social networking effects (e.g. Facebook) Data sources get richer as more people use them Leverage large number of users to rapidly test new ideas 59/17/2008 6. IT as a Service, Delivered by the Cloud Media sharingBusiness Apps Backup Management AppsSearchMobile Services EmailProductivity Location-Based Apps ServicesSocial Storage on Networking DemandPlatform Infrastructureon Demandon Demand 6 9/17/2008 7. And ... At massive scale Millions of users Withunprecedented flexibility Mash-ups, aggregation, enhancing services, flexing up and down, ... Offering evolving APIs to exploit and extend At breakthrough cost levels Economies of scale New revenue models Eliminating old sources of cost (SaaS vs. CD)7 9/17/2008 8. Scalable Computing to Power the Cloud Technology building blocks Everything as a Service Smarter DevicesMore IntelligentNetworks Software Next-GenerationData Center 8 9/17/2008 9. Delivering with the Biggest Names in the IndustryIncluding some of the largest collaboration platforms in the world 9 9/17/2008 10. quot;Home to the worlds leading Internet sites for social networking, games, sports photos and more, Fox Interactive Media helps millions of people around the globe stay informed and connected through online media accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each month, billions of pages are viewed, hundreds of millions of photos and videos are uploaded and watched and those numbers just keep growing, constantly pushing the boundaries of our infrastructure. For us to meet these growing demands we need high-performance platforms that minimize energy consumption and have high density and capacity. HP's computing team understands our unique requirements and offers us end-to-end cloud computing and storage solutions that allow us to more easily scale as we grow.quot; Ian Hurlock-Jones, Chief Information Officer, Fox Interactive Media 10 9/17/2008 11. HP ProLiant BL2x220c G5 Doubling down with the worlds first 2-in-1 server blade2x compute while cutting data center Broad choice of industry-standard blade infrastructure cost in halfservers, interconnects, Operating First industry standard server w/1024 Systemscores per standard 42u rack Choice: processor architectures, Lowest cost per GigaFLOPS/s interconnects (i.e. 1 GigE, 10GigE,IB), OS (Linux and Windows) Up to 12.3 TeraFLOPS/s per rack Builds on enormous success of HP Designed for maximum power & BladeSystem c-Class cooling efficiency Marketshare leader in x86 60%more work per watt thanblades and ~35% share ofcompetitive product based on specjbbTOP500 supercomputing listbusiness operations per watt. 5.3KW At232 MegaFLOPS/s/watt per 32 nodes at 100% utilization compared to ~7400W to competition equivalent to #6 on the currentGreen500* listScale-out computing just got 2x as good!* www.green500.org11 9/17/2008 12. EKA: One of the world fastest supercomputer Industry standard parts Computational Research Laboratories(CRL), Tata Sons Ltd. (India)First completely privately funded shared resource HPC center in the world 175 Tflops peak performance HP Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c Over 1800 HP BladeSystem c-Class serverblades 14,400 processors, 28 terabytes of memory,140 terabytes of storage Yahoo and CRL agreement to jointlysupport cloud computing researchSubstantially more processors than any other supercomputer available for cloud computing research 12 9/17/2008 13. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)US Department of Defense Cloud Computing Infrastructure ObjectiveApproach Results HP C&I development of shared Business outcomes services utility for Rapid Access Rapid access to computing Reduced costs Computing Environment (RACE)resources Consolidated simplified processes HP Server Automation and HP Eliminate the need to procureOperations Orchestration for Shortened time to deliveryphysical infrastructureprovisioning and configuration Self service portal through amanagementIT improvementssingle, secure interface HP Operations Manager for monitoring and control Flexible development platforms for User configurable serverWeb, Application or Databaseenvironments HP Service Manager to automate User can allocate own resources incident & problem management Automated provisioningthrough Web interface HP Systems Insight Manager and Can provision a server in a few Flexible billing options HP Proliant Essentials minutes Meet DoD security requirements Cluster Resources Moab for CPU, memory, storage, virtual intelligent orchestration and Gold environment provided in one simple for billingsolution139/17/2008 14. Uncertainty and AgilityChallenge UNCERTAINTY UNCERTAINTY is the defining characteristic of todaysstrategic environment.(National Defense Strategy) Adjust to an era of surprise and uncertainty Response AGILITY We have set about making US forces more AGILE andmore expeditionary.(Quadrennial Defense Review) Enterprise-wide: Battlefield Applications; Defense Operations; Intelligence Functions; Business Processes Emphasis Shift: From moving the user to the data to moving data to the userConfront Uncertainty with Agility 14 9/17/2008 15. Adaptive IT Infrastructure for CloudComputing Virtualized Environment Fast access to computing resources Rapid provisioning & repurposing across multiple data centers Self-service web site Multi-vendor, multi OS Policy-driven Task Automation Single point of management and user access Dynamic inventory Billing and chargeback for use Platform for sharing IT services across the enterprise (multiple datacenters) Reduce space & environment requirements Manage power and cooling Audit and verificationMission Value Reduce costs / Consolidate / Shorten time to delivery / Simplify From cost centre to IT business shared services (chargeback) 15 9/17/2008 16. Platform as a Service Self Service Provisioning and Secure web-portal Create virtual private resource pools Pre-defined infrastructure templates (includes HW + software and application stacks) Defined by administrators Customizable by users Architecture-independent Support bare-metal and virtualization based provisioning Integrated with accounting16 9/17/2008 17. Platform as a Service: Instantly Create Projectand Test EnvironmentsInterfacesClusterManager + HP Adaptive Computing Tools Request New ResourcesAdmin ManagerPortalMonitor, Diagnose, Review Service End Users Access Portal ManageLevels, CapacityPlanning ,etc. Information Monitoring Adaptation Tools Update Allocation, Usage, Report Current State & Allocation Management ChargesIntelligent Provision ResourcesProvisioning Manager Orchestration HP BSAtsMaintain Usage ven Workload & Capacity Provisioning,eyE ManagementllyUpdates, etc. Credits & Chargeste/K ica n t Sta Adaptive Env. Orchestration m o na isi por Dy Prov Applications Re Schedule. Monitor / Configure Service MiddlewareHP OVO, Supermon Levels Web Tools, DB, .Monitor / Configure Monit Operating SystemoHP SIMMaint r, SLES, RHEL, Windows Monitor / Configure ainHP Site Scope, etc.Network StorageNetwork Storage Compute Resources179/17/2008 18. HP Business Service Automation (BSA) process Automate management of client, server, software, network, storage &Business Service AutomationBSMITSMOperations OrchestrationLive NetworkProvisioning & IT TeamsDiscoveryIT SystemsClient NetworkServerScalingStorageAutomationAutomationAutomationAutomation Discover servers, Server, network, Audit Servers & network software network storage devices Remediation devices, & storage Service Automation VisualizerSoftware Applications Reporting Interdependencies Configurations Process-enabled All applications &storage Configurations Patching componentsprovisioning Softwaredistribution Monitoring Help desk/events & change alertsService Automation Reporter requests Universal CMDB 18 9/17/2008 19. Resource management Lifecycle Operations OrchestrationOperations Orchestration(Opsware Process AutomationSystem PAS) is an innovativerun book automation platformfor IT Operations.Cost EfficiencyEnables IT departments to eliminatemanual and error-prone procedures byautomating end-to-end IT processes Quality and ConsistencyReduces server and applicationdowntime by eliminating theinconsistency and misconfigurations thatare the root cause of most problems Agility and ResponsivenessA