How your business can prosper through social media

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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY Social media- specifically, the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInhas steadily and promisingly increased in popularity. 50% of the western worlds population under 30 years old is active in one or more social media platforms. Among the 89 million monthly unique visitors to social media platforms, 83.4 million have visited Facebook, which further emphasizes that Facebook is still king in the land of social media.
  • 2. SOCIAL MEDIA AND RELATIONSHIPS Human beings are, by nature, a social species. Perhaps it is our innate proclivity to socialize that makes social media so enticing? Social media makes the art of interacting and connecting immediately available.
  • 3. HUMANIZING A COMPANY: SHOPLET.COM What makes, an office supply company attractive? The ball point pens, copy paper, white boards, ink and toner, and even office furniture are not so different from those featured at a nearby campus bookstore or general retailer. So how can you stand out from your industry? Ask yourself If my company were a person, who would that person be?
  • 4. NOT ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE CREATED EQUAL every major social media platform operates according to a distinctive genetic code. It is important to maintain a heightened awareness of the differentiations between platforms when posting to them, especially the different demographics who are active on each individual platform. To learn more, check out or e-book
  • 5. FACEBOOK The go-to site for reconnecting with fading acquaintances or organizing an outing with long time buddies. Its also where people express their special appreciation for music, food, movies, activities, and (you guessed it!) brands, companies, and businesses by Liking their pages.
  • 6. TWITTER Twitter is, essentially, a giant, on-going, infinitive conversation and everyone is invited to join in. In the same vein as Facebook, Twitter is slightly less formal, as its basis is centered on communication and building friendly relationships with fellow followers. Twitter is a conversationits where people talk and dish out the latest on whats what to care or talk about.
  • 7. LINKEDIN A LinkedIn company page is a great way to showcase your business and network The products and services tab functions as an additional great way for people to gain a better taste of what Shoplet has to offer its customers.
  • 8. PINTEREST Pinterest has exponentially grown within the past few years. People spend hours on Pinterest to get Pin-Spired- to try out the latest trends in fashion, media and technology, seasonal cooking, and, of course, shopping. Pinterest has been useful for companies, who wish to portray their interests beyond the scope of business.
  • 9. THE TAKE AWAY Companies wish to convey to their fan and customer-base that they are more than just a company- that behind the veil of every company are living, breathing human beings who really do get you. Stick to this one simple rule: 50/30/20 You content on any social media platform should be 50% informative 30% personality 20% sales
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