How to transfer photos images from computer to ipad

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Step by step guide to show you how to transfer photos from computer to iPad with best and easiest way, then upload photos to popular websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc on iPad.

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  • 1. How to Transfer Photos/Images from Computer to ipad? from-computer-to-ipad.html
  • 2. I am a photographer who often use the camera to take many photos then save them onto PC, now I want to copy the photos from computer to iPad for sharing. However, Apple doesnt allow us to transfer files from PC to iOS devices, can anyone give me a solution to this? Thank you in advance! iPad is an amazing device to view sharp and clear digital photos for its big screen and LED backlight. While sometimes you cant move photos from computer to iPad directly, now here we will introduce a simple and easy way to transfer photos to iPad from computer with only several clicks.
  • 3. Guide: Transfer/Import Photos/Pictures/Images from Computer to iPad Step 1: First download and install iTunes on your PC, connect the iPad to the computer with the supplied USB cable. Step 2: Run the iTunes, select iPad device from left panel under "Devices" section. Click on "Photos" tab, Just go to the sync settings to choose the photo folders on the computer that you want to transfer to iPad. Note: If you want to transfer the specified photos from the folder, you can choose "Sync Photos from" checkbox and select "Choose Folder" option from drop-down menu.
  • 4. Step 3: Click "Sync", begin to sync photos from computer to iPad with iTunes freely. There are 2 sync modes, you can choose the first one to transfer all files in the photo folder or select the second one to sync the specified files to iPad with iTunes easily.
  • 5. Done, the whole process is very simple and easy. Sometimes you may take lots of photos with the camera of iPad and want to transfer your iPad files to PC for backup, with the circumstance, you can choose the handy tool-- iPad to Mac Transfer which can help to transfer photos from iPad to Mac freely. Dont hesitate to free download the programme to have a wonderful experience! Related Guides: How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPad 2 Easily