How To Set Up and Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

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Course outline for Jackson County (NC) Chamber of Commerce training about Facebook for Business on 3/6/2012

Text of How To Set Up and Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

  • 1.How to Set Up andOptimize Your FacebookBusiness Page By Mary Anne BakerINNsights Internet Marketing

2. This class is for: Beginners to Facebook BusinessPages Those who have set up a businesspage on Facebook and want tolearn more about how to use all ofits features 3. What We Will Cover Today:1. Why Facebook is Essential to Your Marketing Plan2. How to Optimize Your Page for Search Engines3. How to Optimize Your Posts for Facebooks Edge Rank4. How to Navigate in the New Timeline5. How To Promote Your Page and Grow Your Fan Base 4. Why Facebook for Business? 845 million users worldwide 25% of these users are in the UnitedStates. 50% of Facebook users log in everyday. The fastest growing demographic ofnew users is ages 45-54. Its Free. 5. Understanding Page Types Local Business - Your page is associatedwith a physical location.These pages arealso referred to as "places" on Facebookwhere people can "check-in." Brand - Your page features a businesswithout a physical location. 6. Optimize Your Page for Search EnginesThe "About" SectionPredominately featured at the top of your timeline.Local businesses: If your business is associated with aphysical location, then it will list the subcategory, address,telephone number and hours of operation.No physical location: If your timeline features a brandwithout a single physical location, then it will let you add adescription of up to to 255 characters. Use your keywordsand add your website URL to create an active hyperlink toyour website. This creates a very quick link that your visitorscan click on. 7. Optimize Your Page for Search EnginesSub-CategoriesIf your Facebook Page is a Places Page (so people can"check in"), you will also have the ability to add sub-categories to your page. This is done from the BasicInformation Tab. Must use options from the drop downs. Tag your page with up to 3 different sub-categories 8. Optimize Your Page for Search EnginesOptimize Descriptions & General Information Write as much content as you can withheavy keyword utilization Use hyperlinks (include "www") Use a conversational tone Keep in mind that you are writing for Googleand other search engines. 9. Optimize Your Page for Search EnginesPage Titles & User Names Your page title is the name of your business.You can change the title as often as you likeif you have less than 100 fans. Use a fewextra words (keywords) in your title if itmakes sense. Your User Name is a unique URL for yourpage: This issometimes referred to as a "personalizedlink." You will need 25 fans. You cannotchange your user name once it is set. 10. Optimize Your Page for Search EnginesUsing Facebook "as" your Page Purpose: To promote other businesses in the hopes that theywill promote you back. To comment on any Facebook Post as your Pageinstead of yourself personally. 11. How to Optimize Your Posts for FacebooksEdge RankWhat is Edge Rank?Edge Rank is an algorithm that determineswhether or not your posts show in your fansnews feeds.The three parts to the algorithm are: Affinity Weight Time 12. How to Optimize Your Posts for FacebooksEdge Rank Affinity - How connected a particular fan is. If they like,comment, or share your content, then they have a highaffinity score with your page. Weight - Types of interactions and types of posts havehigher weights than others. For example, comments areworth more than likes, and photos and videos are worthmore than status updates. Time - Newsfeeds are populated with posts that havethe highest score at that moment in time. Your post willonly hit the newsfeed if it has a higher score - at thatmoment in time - than the other newsfeed stories. 13. How To Make Sure Your Posts Are Seen Post pictures and videos Ask questions Invite people to "click like" if they agree... Test and Re-Test - Review FacebooksInsights to determine which posts have thehighest interaction rates Re-post popular photos or videos - be carefulto do this infrequently. Experiment with offering promos ordiscounts available only to fans. See somegreat examples at 14. How To Make Sure Your Posts Are Seen Posts that receive the highest interaction rates are in theevening and on weekends, outside of business hourswhen page administrators are least likely to post. Theseposts have a 20% higher engagement rates. Dont use shortened URLs or third-party posting tomake your posts. By making your own posts, it is 300percent more likely to get clicked on. Most shareable words include "best", "most", and thosethat explain, such as "why" and "how" Unsubscribe rates go up after three posts per day. Thesecret is to find that balance between optimizinginteraction and managing unsubsccribes, which is goingto be different for every business. 15. Find Interesting Posts on Facebook Follow other Pages on your personal profilethat post content that your fans may beinterested in. When you see an interesting post, use theshare button at the bottom of the post toshare on your Page. Follow your competitors Pages on yourpersonal profile - to learn what they aredoing successfully with their posts (but dontshare these posts - sharing is public). 16. Find Interesting Posts on the Internet Search on YouTube or on Google forinteresting content. Look for a share button or Facebook icon toshare that content on your own page. Remember that photos are ranked veryhighly as posts. If you post someone elsesphoto or article, make sure you credit thephotographer or author. (if your post linksdirectly to the photo or author, this is notnecessary) 17. Other Post TipsTagging: When writing a post, you can "tag" another Page. This creates an active link tothat page and also ensures that your post is posted on that page as well tofurther expose your Page. Use the @ symbol to tag. In order to be able to tag a post with an active link to that page, you must have"liked" that page within your personal profile.Post your updates or specials on other Pages, such as yourChamber or another business partner. To do this, you mustactivate the "use facebook as" feature in the admin panel. 18. How To Navigate in the New"Timeline"Feature Overview: Cover Photo Profile Picture View and Apps Pinned Posts Larger Stories Star and Hide Stories 19. Management ToolsAdmin Panel Manage Build Audience Help Notifications New Likes Insights Messages 20. Get Started with New Timeline Upload a new cover photo - dimensions are851 x 315 pixels. Upload a new profile picture - use a highquality image up to 180 x 180 pixels. This isthe thumbnail image in news feed stories. Pin a post each week - one that is importantand interesting. Posts can stay pinned for up toseven days. Manage your page through the Admin Panel -view insights, new activity, personal messages. 21. Promote Your Page1. Put your personalized link (user name) in all of your print marketing materials: a. business cards b. receipts c. email signature d. signs2. Put a "Like Box" (or link) on your website a. Go to Edit Page, Resources, then "use social plugins"3. Invite your Facebook friends, email contacts, and the share feature by using Facebooks "Build Audience" in admin panel. 22. Promote Your PageUse Facebook Ads Budget as little as $1.00 per day. Target by zip code, city, state, or country Target by keywords, age and interests Pay per click is more effective that pay perimpression. Use more than one version of your ad to seewhich one performs best. 23. Current Facebook Ads PromoGoogle the term Facebook Small Business Boost to go to this page to signup: you need to participate: A Facebook Page for your small business Your business must be based in the US Your page will need at least 50 likesHow It Works Get $50 in free ads if you have at least 50 likes on your Page Get $100 more in free ads if you add 100 more likes to your Page beforeApril 1, 2012 Win $10,000 more in free ads if you are one of the top 10 pages that gainsthe most new likes before April 1, 2012 24. Next WeekNext week we will learn about Twitter and howto link your Facebook posts to Twitter.Please set up a LinkedIn personal profile if youhave not already done so. We will learn how tooptimize and enhance your personal profile aswell as how to set up a company profile.We will also learn how to set up a YouTubechannel. 25. For a copy of this presentationGo to: presentation will be posted there byFriday, March 8 at the latest.