How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Small Business in7 Steps

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In this video we are going to discuss how to setup a facebook page for your small business, so you can bring traffic to your site and store from Facebook as well. So lets get started!

Text of How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Small Business in7 Steps

  • how to set up a facebook page in 7 steps by
  • Step 1: Create a Facebook Account
  • You need a Facebook account before you can create a Facebook page. After that you can give others the ability to administer your page. (To create your FB page click here)
  • Step 2: Chose the Type of Page You Want
  • Local Business or Place: A physical place where you want customers to visit you. (Learn more here)
  • Company, Organization, or Institution: No physical location or more than one location. (Learn more here)
  • Product or Brand: Companies whose products are sold through multiple websites. (Learn more here)
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure: For those looking to promote themselves, a band, or another type of artist. (Learn more here)
  • Entertainment: For TV Shows, Books, Radio Stations and Magazines. (Learn more here)
  • Cause or Community: Mostly use for general topics and all kind of unofficial topics. Non-Profit and Charities should use Company, Organization, or Institution page type. (Learn more here)
  • Step 3: Set Your Sub Categories, Descriptions and Links
  • Depending on your page type you can add sub categories. You can see them by typing terms related to your business into the categories box.
  • In the description, give people a good idea of what you do. And keep in mind the terms that people use to search your products and services.
  • You can also list your website, as well as links to other pages such as your Twitter account or Google plus page
  • Step 4: Upload Your Profile Photo
  • For most companies this is going to be a picture of your logo. The size should be 180 x 180 pixels.
  • Step 5: Set Your Facebook Address
  • Try and get whatever the top search term that you want to show up there. For most businesses this will be their business name, but for others they may want to get something like:
  • Step 6: Add Your Facebook Cover Photo
  • For this, your want something that really represents your company and/or brand, like a picture of your staff or your most popular products. Facebook stipulates that your cover photo can include up to 20% text, so also include a call to action.
  • Step 7: Link Your Personal Profile to Your Fan Page
  • You can add your page to your personal Facebook profile by clicking edit on your personal profile, and then clicking update info. In the add work experience section, when you start typing your business name, your new Facebook page should come up.
  • Then you just need to add your current position and a short description about your work there. And click
  • Now Youre All Set!
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