How To Sell Energy Efficiency

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  • 1. Presents How to Sell Energy Efficiency: What Your Customers Need to Hear.

2. John Haithcock, Adros Energy Small Business Owner-Operator White Pine Builders 18 years Adros Energy 2 years Massachusetts Construction Supervisor International Ground Source Heat Pump Association(IGSHPA) Certification North American Board of Certified Energ Practitioners(NABCEP) Certification Building Performance Institute Analyst Residential Energy HERS Rater EPA Certified Renovator 3. Overview of Presentation The Process What Do Customers Want to Hear Selling Techniques Questions 4. The Process Advise customer to follow a process that starts with analysis, improved efficiency followed by renewables. Steps in the Process Energy Audit or HERS Rating Efficiency measure or Energy Star build High Performance HVAC Renewable/Alternative Energy 5. Why Energy Audits Audit Results show: Energy Efficiency of home How to improve comfort and quality How to lower energy/operating costs How to improve property value How to make home attractive to buyers who seek energy efficient homes 6. Why Energy Star Building Energy Star building practice results: Improved Energy Efficiency of home Improved comfort and quality Lower energy/operating costs Higher property value Attract buyers who seek energy efficient homes Homes Sell faster and at higher price! 7. The Energy Audit 8. The Audit Process Safety Audit Test combustible appliances for safe emissions Blower Door Testing Negative air pressure in the home Find the air leaks Find insulation failures Inefficient appliances 9. Adros Confidential Thermal Imaging Thermal Scans of exterior walls and windows Air infiltration shows as blue cold spots Heat loss shows as orange hot spots 10. Audit Report Test performed Test Results Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures Expected Savings from Improvements Energy plan in order of proirty 11. Thermal Enclosure System: Insulation R-Value Air Leakage Insulation Installation Air Barriers Thermal Bridging High-Perf. Windows High-Perf. Doors Energy Efficiency Measures UPGRADES: HVAC and Appliances 12. Example of Payback Expected blower door 1500 CFM @50 Actual is 4500 CFM @50 Savings could be estimated at 50% Air sealing cost is approximately $2,000.00 Yearly savings is approximately $2,000.00 Payback is one year Savings is $2,000.00 each year forward 13. Payment Options Offer Payment Terms Offer Financing Offer discount for payment in full Offer some sweat equity 14. Doing the Right Thing Send Them Down the Energy Star Track Conservation First Envelope Performance Ventilation Requirements Advanced Lighting Domestic Hot Water Geothermal Solar Wind 15. Partnerships Partnerships are a great way to generate leads and share customer base Partnerships can fill in holes in the process Partner with an Audit Company Partner with a Trade you do not do 16. What do Customers Want to Hear Some do not Know Education The Bottom Line Safety in the Home They can Trust You You have the Correct Training & Certifications How long will you be around That they are making a good choice 17. Education Home owners want to understand how their home works They want to know how to fix the leaks It is up to us to provide them the information they need Use hand outs provided by the EPA and Energy Star 18. The Bottom Line 50% Savings 19. Know the incentives Learn what incentives are available Federal State Local Utilities 20. Safety in the home 21. They can trust you Give them good up to date references Have a book of jobs completed with pictures and happy customers Find out the problem and let them know you can fix it. 22. Certifications and Experience Show them your certifications Explain why they are important Show pictures of jobs completed Show how results were positive 23. You will be there when things go wrong Is the vehicle lettered or does it have a slap on magnetic sign Your track record Problems you solved for other customers 24. That they are doing a Good Thing and making the correct choice Reducing their Carbon Footprint Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil Keeping our Oceans Clean Preserving Places like Alaska Protecting the Ozone Preventing Wars for Oil 25. Selling Techniques Customer Focused Selling Relationship Selling Three Closing Techniques #1 Forgotten Sales Secret 26. Customer Focused Selling Sell Solutions, Not Products Focus on the Customers Needs Every Customer is Different Have a Dialogue, Not a Presentation Put on Your Customers Shoes 27. Relationship Selling People dont buy from Companies, they buy from People they trust. They have to know you They have to like you It happens in 10 Seconds Its a Long Term Investment in the Companys Future. Maintain contact and follow-up 28. Closing Techniques Understand Your Prospect Help the person fix their problem Be Confident Tell them you can fix the problem and will guarantee your work Follow-Up Is Key Put a plan together so follow-up is automatic for sales that didnt close 29. #1 Forgotten Sales Secret Use the Right Choices Would you like wine with your meal Or Would you care to order White or Red The Question should not be able to be answered with a NO Give your customers a Choice 30. Adros Energy Located in Amherst, NH We are a professional organization dedicated to reducing energy usage and finding solutions to future energy needs. Our mission is capital savings through energy conservation, envelope performance, and the use of solar, geothermal, and wind alternatives. 31. Thank You John Haithcock Adros Energy Owner 5 Northern Blvd, Suite 10 Amherst, NH 03031 603-880-6007