How to make your apps more efficient

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Application EfficiencyHow can you make your apps more efficient ?By: ankit.json@gmail.comFour rules of code efficiencyFirst, do no harmYou don't know what the problem is until you measure itWhats under your controlAlways look for the easy winEfficiency AreasMEMORYDISK , FILE I/ONETWORK I/OALGORITHMIC EFFICIENCYMEMORYMake efficient use of system memoryPrevent large swapping filesMemory is cheap, users are notPrevent memory leaksMeasure memory usage of your applicationsDISK I/OMake efficient usage of disk storageMake usage of faster storage mechanisms such as ssd, net storageMonitor your apps disk i/o and ways to optimize itYou can reduce disk i/o to make your apps more fasterNetwork I/OMake lesser number of network callsCompress the network calls in formats such as gzipReduce comments, blank spaces, optimize resources on networkMore network I/O means more costMonitor your apps network I/OCache similar network i/o requestsAlgorithmic EfficiencyUse languages inbuilt functions for doing complex tasks rather than building your own from scratch, eg: sortingMake efficient use of data types, data structures, memory allocationMake efficient use of loops & recursionTake a sample code and think how can you make it more efficient without having any effect on its outputPRECAUTIONMaking changes for efficiency which has no noticable efficieny gains on user experience on user expericnce is bullshit.You are trying to make button click faster, without noticing this thing has no effect on user experience.