How to Make the Most of Google Grants and Free Ad Dollars Webinar

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Did you know that Google gives out free advertising dollars to non-profit organizations? Did you also know that qualifying organizations could receive $10K or as much as $40K each month from Google to use for advertising and promoting their good cause? If you were not aware of these opportunities or Google Grants, then we want to share our experience and best practices for this generous program. We want to give non-profit organizations the tips of how to apply to Google Grants and how to qualify for the top level, $40K worth of free advertising spend every month. Our experts will review all the details to capitalize on the opportunities from Google Grants in our webinar, How to Make the Most of Google Grants & Free Ad Dollars, on Thursday April 19, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET.Online marketing experts, Diana Hand, Marketing Manager with GuideStar, and Lauren Kade, Junior Account Manager with Search Mojo, will review who is eligible for Google Grants, what you must know before applying and how to jump from the $10K to $40K per month spend levels. Google Grants are an excellent opportunity for non-profit organizations to use free advertising dollars from Google to promote their charity, to find new donors, pledges, donations and volunteers. This webinar will give you helpful information to make the most of Google Grants. This opportunity should not be missed!

Text of How to Make the Most of Google Grants and Free Ad Dollars Webinar

Nonprofits - Google Grants

Speakers: Lauren Kade, Junior Account Manager, Search MojoDiana Hand, Marketing Manager, GuideStar

Moderator: Amanda Chaney, Account Director, Search Mojo

How to Make the Most of Google Grants and Free Ad Dollars

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Google for Nonprofits

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarGoogle Grants is part of a larger program at Google dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations: Google for Nonprofits7Eligibility Requirements:501(c)(3) status determined by the IRS501(c)(3) status must be publicly updated within GuideStar.orgMust be located in the United StatesOnly one membership per organization

Google for nonprofits

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarGoogle has separate, country-specific programs for nonprofits based internationallyBranches of umbrella organizations (such as local chapters) that share Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) with their parent organizations are eligible for individual memberships. Branches must indicate that they are applying as a "related organization" during the application process and go through additional screening.8Eligibility requirements (contd)Ineligible organizations:Governmental entities or organizationsHospitals and health care organizationsSchools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarPhilanthropic arms of educational institutions are eligibleSo what do you get with the program?

9Google for NonprofitsGet 40% discount on Google Apps for Business

Apply for Nonprofit channel on YouTube

Apply for software grants Google Earth Pro, Google SketchUp Pro, Maps API Premier

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarHave to be a nonprofit with over 3,000 users, includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.Nonprofit YouTube Channel:increased uploading capacitydrive fundraising through a Google Checkout donate buttonplace a call to action overlay on your videos to raise money or find volunteersbe listed on the Nonprofit & Activism videos page

10And FREE Advertising through Google AdWords!

Google for NonprofitsSEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar11Google grants: what is it?

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar12Google grants: what is it?Nonprofit grant to use through Google AdWords

Reach potential donors or volunteers through the top search engine!SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar13Google Adwords ads

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar14Google Grants: The basics$10,000/Month for Google AdWords

$1 bid per click

Ads on

Complete Annual Survey

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarYou get $10,000 of credit each month to spend through Google AdWords. Google controls your account by capping your spend each day at around $333 per day ($10,000 divided by 30 days). Youre also limited to bidding only $1 per click (more on the basics of AdWords later). Its free money, so theyre making it harder to spend!Ads cant show on the display network (image/video ads on partner sites) and therefore you can only run text adsThe annual survey isnt long or a big deal but the most important thing is that it gets done every year. Make sure that the email address that the survey is sent to is sent to multiple people, or is a generic email that multiple people can access. You dont want the user to have left your organization and then miss the survey because it got sent to an old email address.


Apply: Google for

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarApply online - you must first apply for the Google for Nonprofits program and then you can enroll in the Google Grants program.

16Application tipsHow will you use the money to further the mission of your organization?

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarTake your time and answer the questions carefullyDescribe how you will use the money to further the mission of your organization

17application tipsMake Google understand that youre saving the world! One whale, child, or tree at a time.

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar18What happens next?Google reviews applications once a quarter

Reference Grants Help Center for more information:

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarYou can call the AdWords help center, but the Grants department is very small (and very busy) so they usually dont take calls. Practice patience! Unsure of how to get started?19Enroll in Google GrantsAccepted into Google for Nonprofits?Now enroll in Google Grants by creating an accountSubmit proposed account to GoogleMay take up to 6 weeks for approval

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarOnce your organization is accepted into the Google for Nonprofits program, you can enroll in the Google Grants program. In order to enroll you need to create your first campaigns, and then submit them to Google. Google will review your proposed account, which can take up to six weeks. If youre inpatient, you can log into your Google for Nonprofits account to check the status of your account approval.

Unsure of how to build out your account with your first campaigns?20Getting startedWhat do you want to advertise on?

What are the main goals of your website?

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarIf youre unsure of where to get started, start with the biggest goal of your organization. What do you want people to do on your website? Do you want to get people to the donation page? Do you want to raise awareness about a hot issue? Start advertising first on whats most important, and build out from there.21Setting up your account

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarSo now what? Start building out your first campaigns. Each account can have several campaigns. For each campaign you can set different budgets, location targeting, language targeting, ad distributions, and end dates. In each campaign, you can have several ad groups. Each ad group contains one set of keywords, or the search queries that you want your ad to show for. Each ad group also has at least one ad. But more about ad copy in a minute. For each ad group, you can set a default maximum bid per click. Since the Google Grants program restricts you to $1.00 bids per click, just set all of the ad group default bids at $1.00 and you wont have to worry about bidding again.22Ad CopyAd Copy Basics:Headline: 25 character limitEach description line: 35 character limitTry to use keywords they appear in bold

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarUse keywords in both the headline and ad copy, where you can. Whenever the search query matches the ad, it appears in bold and can help increase click-through-rates.

We recommend having at least two ads for each ad group, so you can test different ad copy and see what wording works best. Its not always what you think!23Google grants overviewBenefitsLimitations$10,000 free advertising each month!$1bid per clickIncreased brandvisibilityAdsonly show on Google.comPotentialto increase donations, volunteers,etc.Text ads onlyHelp further your missionSpend Caps: $333per daySEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinar24Google Grantspro$40,000/Month for Google AdWords

New application

New eligibility requirements

SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo #mojowebinarGrantspro wh