How to Get the Right Clients for Your Data Center Solutions (SlideShare)

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How to Get the Right Clients for Your Data Center Solutions

Various tactics data center solutions use to attract the right clients

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Search engines and social media dominate the way buyers receive information

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It is essential to get found early to attract the right clients to your data center solutions

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Before ProspectingBuild SMART goalsDevelop buyer personasEstablish product/market fitGet found early

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SMART GoalsSpecificMeasurableAttainable

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Buyer Personas: fictional representations of ideal clients

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Buyer PersonasResearchEducated speculationVerifiable through dataAttract relevant buyersScore leads

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Product/Market Fit: degree to which products satisfy demands of buyer

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Product/Market FitPrice points clients buyQuantities clients buy Durations clients buy Accelerate revenue growth

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The average client is 70% into their buyers journey before engaging with a business

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Get Found EarlyGrow relationshipInfluence buying processProve value

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What does your data center do to attract the right clients?

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Let us know in the Comments section below

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Attracting Data Center Clients: Step by Step

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