How to Develop an About Page for your Blog

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Presented at the 2012 Type A Parent Conference in Charlotte, N.C., this presention helps bloggers decide what content should be included in an About page.


  • 1.Tonja Deegan @tvdeegan Linda Sellers@linda_sellers

2. Setting the stage:Think of your favorite blogger. How did you get to know that blogger? What information did you look for when youdiscovered her? What do you know about her now? 3. What the About page does: Informs the reader sets the toneand expectations Connect bloggers to each other Helps PR make decisions and informclients 4. Where to start: First person vs. third person (Aboutvs. Media Kit) Real name vs. pen name (and how toavoid Dear Mommy Blogger) 5. Where to start: What is the reader looking for? What do you want them to know? Is it about the blog or about you (orboth?) 6. The basics: Traditional work experience Education Family information Storytelling 7. More about you: Top posts Interests, dislikes Personality 8. Extras: Photos Videos Lists Links (i.e. food blogger yelp reviews,travel blogger trip map, etc.) 9. For PR Brands youve worked with Types of products, services that interest you What doesnt interest you Limits, charges, nuances 10. Contact preferences Form vs. email Other methods: Twitter, Skype, IM