How to Create Websites at Scale: An Experience Management Imperative

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  1. 1. @Robert_Rose!
  2. 2. We can skip this part, right?! Growth, fragmentation, multiple channels...!
  3. 3. entertainment consumers are roaming omnivores, hunting down whatever has heat and water cooler value. Network appointment viewing has given way to foraging and bingeing. - New York Times, 3/13
  4. 4. 30% Choose website as second channel after phone/email
  5. 5. CMOs feel the pressureon the clock
  6. 6. CMOs feel they dont have the right people
  7. 7. CMOs feel unready for technology ... and yet...!
  8. 8. Creating customer experiences with content will have huge eect. We have to gure out how to stay relevant and engaging. CMO Fortune 500 CPG Company
  9. 9. Theyre not unaware. Theyre just wrong.
  10. 10. What Is A Web Site?!
  11. 11. Facile management of content and data can be the basis of new partnerships between IT and Marketing! Tomorrows SOE Management: Content Platform Creation that is accessed as a marketing service. 1 or 100s of Sites!
  12. 12. Tomorrows SOE: ! Platform as campaign. Ability to move from temporary to permanent infrastructure!
  13. 13. Content and engagement is measured, rather than channels. Insight for process rather than proof of work.!
  14. 14. CMOs depend solely on marketing! research and competitive! benchmarking.!
  15. 15. Customers dont care about the business, or the web site, or the channel.! ! !
  16. 16. Remove anything in the way of the marketer becoming more..! ! Agile...! Flexible...! Creating content at scale...!
  17. 17. Thanks....
  18. 18. 27 Introducing Acquia Cloud ! Site Factory! ! Tom Wentworth! @twentworth12!
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  24. 24. 33 1. They are my personal favorite artists 2. They are highly successful artists on the Interscope label 3. All three sites run on Acquia Cloud Site Factory
  26. 26. 35 Top 5 organizational challenges in transition to digital experiences! 1. Building digital customer experiences at scale 2. Struggling to unify your cross-channel digital experiences social, mobile and the web. 3. Openness to innovation and experimentation, " move to agile life cycle. 4. Disconnect between your digital providers and your IT. 5. Reducing upfront costs to build digital experiences, while retaining exibility to congure and extend platform.
  27. 27. 36 Introducing Acquia Cloud Site Factory! Acquia empowers digital business leaders to build, deliver and manage large numbers of diverse, content-rich, social sites with agility, velocity, & freedom.
  28. 28. 37 Acquia Cloud Site Factory Digital Experience as a Service! Accelerate delivery of unique, branded experiences Simplify operational management and improve efciency Reduce the cost to manage large multisite deployments Eliminate risk with managed serviceBuild Deliver Manage
  29. 29. 38 Templates"1" Select website template" 2" Congure site-specic settings" Information architecture" Page layouts" Roles & permissions" Content types & display" Pre-dened themes" 3" Add site content" Rapidly Deploy Sites Without Coding" http://www.[customdomain].com" Done."
  30. 30. 39 250+ Warner Music Group artist " websites, 3 site templates, " total creative freedom
  31. 31. 40 22 hospital campuses integratedinto one digital platform
  32. 32. 41
  33. 33. 42
  34. 34. 43 Site Factory to Build and Manage Thousands of Websites" + + + + + + + + + + Launch websites by the hundreds, with minimal effort" Rapidly create new site templates"
  35. 35. 44 Manage Sites From One Place! Central Management Dashboard for Administrators Access and manage all sites without having to deal with code, hardware or other technical details
  36. 36. 45 Push Out Conguration Changes at Scale! Automation for Managing Hundreds or Thousands of Sites Keep all of your sites in sync to reduce maintenance headaches Apply new Drupal congurations across any number of sites with a push of a button Minimal to no downtime during updates depending on the type of change deployed
  37. 37. 46 Customize with Condence! Continuous Integration Workow Reduces Customization Risk Extend the base Drupal Gardens distribution through a single shared codebase applied to all sites Validate production- readiness of your custom code in a sandbox Deploy custom code to all production sites when ready
  38. 38. 47 at Enterprise Scale! Acquia Made the David Bowie Album Launch a Success! David Bowie launched his rst album in 10 years in March WMG notied Acquia to be ready for a site re-launch Site sustained ~500 hits/second for 24 hours after the album release!
  39. 39. 48 Diversity of Offerings Supports ! Unique Customer Needs! Convenience! Control! SaaS Edition! SaaS+ Edition! PaaS Edition! Rich out-of-the-box Site Factory for quickly conguring and theming sites." Extend your Site Factory with site customizations certied through Acquia Professional Services." Premier Site Factory platform that supports all of your Drupal site customization needs."
  40. 40. What do you want to build?