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How to choose the Right Sublimation Ink?

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Text of How to choose the Right Sublimation Ink?

How to Choose theRight Sublimation Ink?

How to Choose theRight Sublimation Ink?

Sublimation printing has a wide range of application. Especially with the development of the inkjet printer, images can be transferred to textiles , mugs, ceramic plates, metal and other materials .If you want to have a better result when printing ,the sublimation ink you choose is very important .Then how to choose the right ink ?There are many skills for you.

1. The transfer rate of the sublimation inkIn dye-sublimation process, solid dye particles are changed into gas by using heat and pressure, and that is why sublimation ink can transfers an image to the substrate. So, if you want the image has bright color, the transfer rate of the sublimation ink is very important, and the transfer rate should be the higher the better. Generally speaking, the transfer rate of most imported sublimation ink can reach 90%.2. The size of sublimation inks particles Sublimation ink with large particles can lead to a blockage of the print head. At the same time, the images on the products will be not good enough, you can even see the particles easily with the magnifying glass.

3. The purity of sublimation inks colorThis is the most common problem for people, the color of poor quality ink is not pure at all. Black sublimation ink is easy to lose its purity, so you can make a sample with black sublimation ink to see whether the color is black or not after printing.4. The price of sublimation ink Sublimation ink from America, South Korea and Germany usually with high quality, but its expensive. If customers dont have much requirements for products quality, Chinese ink is a good choice .Nowadays, Chinese ink is not only cheap, but the quality is also improves a lot.

If you are the user of sublimation ink, you can reference these skills when choose the sublimation ink, and I am sure you can find the best one.

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