How Far Is TOO Far?

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  • How Far Is TOO Far?

    Picture by: Geralt

    Image: Geralt (Pixabay)

    By: Hailey Oman

  • Facebook is one of the fastest

    growing social networks

    Photo by: Urs Steiner (Flickr)

  • 500 Million People use Facebook

    Photo by: James Cridland (Flickr)

  • 250 Million People Log In Each Day

    Photo by: Nieri Da Silva (Flickr)

  • An average Facebook user has more friends on Facebook than in

    real life Photo by: Anjan ChaMerjee (Flickr)

  • Individuals who experience anxiety and fear face-to-face communication, use

    Facebook to pass time to feel less lonely

    Photo by: Alaina Abplanalp (Flickr)

  • Facebook created a whole new set of obstacles, awkward

    conversations and unclear situations Photo by: The U.S. Army (ickr)

  • Facebook resembles word-of-mouth communication

    Photo by: Aj Cann (Flickr)

  • Facebook is the preferred way to update friends on developments in their love

    lives Photo by: Aaron FitzSimons (Flickr)

  • Facebook use could actually be damaging to a users romantic


    Photo by: Sharon Lapkin (Flickr)

  • Bullying both on and off-line continues to be a serious

    problem for a huge number of teenagers

    Photo by: Andri G. (Flickr)

  • Facebook is the leading social network used to target teenagers in 87% of reported cases of cyber-bullying"

    Photo by: tct10e (ickr)

  • "90 % of us worry about online


  • "Young Internet users can access

    more personal information on friends than past generations could

    ever imagine

    Image: Ruth Suehle (Flickr)

  • With so much personal information online, it can be hard to separate what you've assimilated through face-to-face

    interaction and from what you've gleaned online

    Image: MarUn Gommel (Flickr)

  • "59% of its users do not trust

    Facebook to protect their personal information

    Image: kldonnelly (Flickr)

  • Facebook encourages us to share every minute of our lives with thousands of people, many of whom are barely acquaintances"

    Image: Mac(3) (Flickr)

  • The art and joy of the Facebook Stalk is unavoidable, even for the most of the

    light Facebook users out there

    Image: English106 (Flickr)

  • "Facebook, casual "stalking" of friends

    and acquaintances is typical, if not implicitly encouraged"

    Image: Nate Bolt (Flickr)

  • The worlds complete and utter

    obsession with Facebook has gone way, way TOO FARImage: MkhmarkeUng (Flickr)

  • Articles Used How Many People Use Facebook- "I'll poke you. You'll poke me!" Self-disclosure, social attraction, predictability and trust as

    important predictors of Facebook relationships-

    How Facebook Ruined Dating Facebook, Divorce Linked in New Study- Excessive Facebook use can damage relationships, study finds- Facebook is the worst social network for bullying with 19-year-old BOYS the most

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    Has our Facebook Obsession Gone Too Far?-

    Image: Helen Cassidy (Flickr)