Historically Accurate Buildings In Virtual Environments: The Architecture of Shakespeare's Era in Second Life

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Powerpoint for a talk I gave at Land Expo on historically accurate buildings in virtual environments - the architecture of Shakespeare's Lifetime in Second Life.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>The Architecture of Shakespeares EraHistorically Accurate Buildings Virtual Environmentsinin Second LifeSL Shakespeare Company presentsIna CentaurIna Centaur Independent Scholar, researching and exploring innovations in new mediaAcademic background Physics &amp; Philosophyetc.You know me for my Shakespeare and virtual theatre endeavors on SL.</p> <p>SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC)You know SLSC primarily for its professional theatrical performances. The SLSC is also curator of the most historically accurate theatres and architecture relating to William Shakespeare in virtual worlds.This, then, is the subject of my talk, today!</p> <p>About Ina Centaur and the SLSCSL Shakespeare CompanyMany era-type buildings, but few based on actual historic buildings, to specific dimensions, backed by scholarly research. Virtually none?Shakespeare island sim: perhaps the only sim on SL whose every single building is based on an RL historic building that existed in Shakespeares era.Clarification: The subject of this talk is not about buildings/sims that look a particular era, but buildings/sims that are built based on historical documents, archeological information, and artifacts to be authentically from a historic era. Specifically:Shakespeares Erameticulously recreated on SL, implemented as a fully immersive virtual environment. I will discuss the process in creating it, as well as dimensions of benefits for such environs.Era-Type vs Era-ReconstructionSL Shakespeare CompanyBeginnings (Early 2007): different models of the SL Globe Theatre, a penchant for long-distance voice-acting (2006), voila, virtual theatre!Second SL Globe Theatredimensions based on the Wanamaker Globe, a.k.a., Shakespeares Globe Theatre in London. Third SL Globe TheatreSecond SL Globe Theatre moved to 4-sim for SL performances, allowing for 300-400 audience members for a respectable number of seats in an off-Broadway-sized theatre.</p> <p>Implementation Overview, Part ISL Shakespeare Company</p> <p>An island in SL named Shakespeareso many possibilities!Wealth of content in plays alone, but keep it real to glean some un-expected insights via architecture prominent in Shakespeares lifeShakespeare island sim: Each building based on a real (RL) building that played a part in Shakespeares lifetime.Photos galore! Bards Birthplace: where the Bard was bornNashs House: where his granddaughter livedNew Place: the last house that Shakespeare lived inMary Ardens House: where his wife lived in</p> <p>Implementation Overview, Part IIaSL Shakespeare Company</p> <p>More Photos galore! Garrick Inn: Prominent Victorian actor who helped revive Shakespeare; this building is now a working restaurantHarvards House: Where the guy who founded Harvard U grew up; has some remarkable wooden carvings in sills, etc.Mistress Mall: Based on a reference in Twelfth Night: Act 1, Scene 3interpreted literally, as a mall! ;-P </p> <p>Implementation Overview, Part IIbSL Shakespeare Company</p> <p>pipeline (n.) channel via which information is transmitted sequentiallyThe way we create historically-accurate buildings works via a pipeline with scholars, original documents, archeological/de facto information, at various points on the research end, and blueprints, SL building and optimization considerations, at various points on the other end.Sometimes, the pipeline doesnt progress sequentially, and we end up going back to research. Its a virtual form of cross-checking. But, in general, we dont begin on the SL part until there are solid dimensions (usually blueprints) and material determination (such as what kind of stone wall).The end result is the most historically accurate virtual recreation possible!Upcoming Case Study Blackfriars Theatre </p> <p>The "Pipeline"SL Shakespeare CompanyPipeline Start: Culmination of seven years worth of research by IC Resources: Contemporary documentsPiers Plowman/Plowmans CreedAccounting Ledgers, Surveys, Lease/Sale Deeds, etc.Comparison with Known Contemporary StructuresBlackfriars, London Background Overview: Blackfriars Dominican monks (black coat over their habits)Lavish monasteries!Dominicans were confessors to Kings,@Blackfriars Royalty were housed there, Parliament was held thereBlackfriars &amp; Burbages LegacyDecades after Dissolution of Monasteries Bought by John Burbage, who never got to see plays held there.Richard Burbage turned it into Shakespeares indoor theatre. </p> <p>Example "Pipeline" Blackfriars Theatre, ISL Shakespeare Company</p> <p>Engineering Simulations to Determine StructureLead-coated roof. Common coating on era roof, also in purchase deeds.Weight distribution diagrams define roof shape, steeped.All known steeped-roofs from this era (of buildings of similar size) used hammerbeam ceilingsThree stories tall on south end, built on steep incline. Vaulted basement.Final Step of Pre-SL pipeline: Blueprints with dimension measurements are constructedWhen necessary, individual item diagrams are also created, such as the ones for the balusters and hammerbeam structures in the Blackfriars.And, the next is SL! Briefest of Overview: Hope this hasnt scared you. Its rare for such care to be put into SL build, but I believe there are many benefits to precisions in such multiuser interactive constructions</p> <p>Example "Pipeline" Blackfriars Theatre, IISL Shakespeare Company</p> <p>EducationEngages the student in a way that traditional textbooks simply cannot doCare in historical accuracy of construction helps add to the atmosphereWhen the pipeline has the SL visuals implementing the RL historical data to precision, the only thing that can result is an environment that will continue to instill a sense of wonder in the student or visitor. It puts new life into ancient subjects.An ultimate globally-accessible form of asynchronous learningResearchProvides an authentic medium for simulation of and experiments on era-activitiesInsights in era activities, even from passive observations</p> <p>So many more possibilities to come! Keep your eyes peeled!</p> <p>Dimensions of BenefitsSL Shakespeare CompanySL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>SL Globe Theatre</p> <p>Blackfriars Theatre</p> <p>Blackfriars Theatre</p> <p>Blackfriars Theatre</p> <p>Hamlet Sets</p> <p>Hamlet Faces 1</p> <p>Hamlet Faces 2</p> <p>Twelfth Night Sets 1</p> <p>Twelfth Night Sets 2</p> <p>Twelfth Night: Duke Orsino Scene 1</p>


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