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Harrier Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.sales@harriersys.com | Ph.: 91-712- 6536728 | VoIP: 240-230-3332Success Stories

PayTonic Success Story

App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=frictionfreepayment.com.paytonicThe Client: Frictionfree Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Problem: The client wanted to develop a flexible payment solution in the form of a mobile app that will allow to pay anyone with just a mobile number. The main objective to design this app was to provide hassle-free, fast and secure payment transaction for things we do on daily basis.Solution: Harrier developed a simple yet interactive mobile app on Android and iPhone platforms.PayTonic lets you pay anyone with a mobile number. This helps make quick and secure payment to anybody on phone address book. It uses mobile number as a unique identifier. The app enables transactions only with a mobile number once registered with necessary bank details which will be saved in a secure PCIDSS compliant vault. The app is also secured using a 4-digit PIN defined by the user. Separate registration for a merchant receiver is also defined in the app.Features:Only mobile number needed: Pay & receive money using just the mobile numberAccept all electronic payments: Pay using net banking, credit card, debit card and mobile wallets.Offline Payments: Unregistered users can also claim payments. Direct Payment to Merchants: Merchants doesnt need smartphone and can receive direct payments to bank account once registered with PayTonic.Express checkout: Save your cards and bank accounts for easy transfersSecured: Since PayTonic is not a wallet, there is no money to be loaded into it. Hence your money is always safe in your bank. Technology Environment: ASP.Net MVC, C#, HTML/CSS, IIS 7.0, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery, Android Studio, Xcode, Swift language, WCF services

Arroj Success Story

App Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aroojhealthcare.inThe Client: Arooj Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Arooj Home Healthcare, conceptualized and run by doctors, excels in providing high quality medical and supportive Arooj specializes in helping patients make a smooth transition from hospital to home, including setting up Home ICU/HDU.Problem: The client wanted to develop an interactive app that will let patient or her relative fix an appointment for a particular home treatment.The Solution: Harrier developed apps on Android and iOS platforms. It helps setup doctor visits, specialized nursing, physiotherapy, attendants, diagnostics or equipment all using the mobile app. A secured payment option that allows payment using credit card, debit card, NET banking or cash on delivery.Features:Quick & Easy: Book and schedule appointments on the go.Security: Token based authentication for web APIPayments: Accepts all electronic paymentsMajor Challenges: New technologies to learn - Node JS and Express JS. Major complexity in the functionality in updating the appointment while scheduling it. Technology Environment: MongoDB, Node JS, Express JS, Android, iOS, Swift language

ComPAYre Success Story

The Client: Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) is a proxy advisory firm providing corporate advisory services, independent opinion, research and data on corporate governance issues as well as voting recommendations on shareholder resolutions.Problem: No platform to find out remuneration details of directors of companies registered on NSE and BSE to analyze their remuneration /compensation and compare it with their performance and with peer group.The Solution: Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that captures remuneration details of CEOs and directors for over 650 companies. The data provided in ComPAYre can be used to track the compensation, pay and performance and ESOPS details of directors.ComPAYre data repository includes:Basic details of directorsQualification and job role details of directorsCompensation details (Fixes pay and variable pay)ESOP DetailsPay and Performance detailsKey features:Remuneration data for 500+ companies and 1400+ directorsPeer group comparison and validationAnalyze linkages between pay and performanceMajor Challenges: No range charting tool available with the facility to show median of min and max values. Harrier created the custom range chart in data visualization with median.Functionality for high sensitive and complex data import.Technology Environment: ASP.Net Framework 4.5.1, MVC 4, SQL Server 2014

IiAS Adrian Success Story

The Client:Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited (IiAS) is a proxy advisory firm providing corporate advisory services, independent opinion, research and data on corporate governance issues as well as voting recommendations on shareholder resolutions.Problem: Investors or companies or market participants always find it very difficult to find resolutions, outcomes and voting data in public domain. This data is mostly in pdf formats, not databased, cant be compared easily and is not searchable The Solution: Harrier developed a cloud based analytical tool that provides packaged data that can be used to track investor reactions and market trends. This allows users to gain insights on how investors view specific issues and gain greater predictability regarding how they might vote on similar shareholder resolutions. ADRIAN's data repository includes: Notices and explanatory statements | IiAS voting recommendations Voting outcomes | Investor and category wise voting data|Rationale provided by institutional investors (mutual funds) while voting on resolutionsKey features:Unique: Only source of searchable investor voting data Simple: Easy to use and intuitive Powerful: Multiple search ananalytical capabilities Cloud-based: always synced with the latest data on the Internet cloud Always new: Constant updates. Constant upgrades. Already has notices of over 2400 shareholder meetings, outcomes for over 1700 meetings over three years and mutual fund rationales for over 1000 shareholder meetings. Comprehensive: Over 650 companies, representing over 90% of market- cap Flexible: Resolutions are tagged by section number under the new and old Companies Act and by category i.e. company name, investor name, resolution type (remuneration, director appointments, related party transactions etc.). Voting patterns: Data on how promoters, institutional investors and retail investor vote.Major Challenges: Fetching large data from database was taking too long time while searching. We overcome this with effective query optimization and data caching that ultimately reduce the overall fetching time. Collection and collaboration of meeting outcomes and mutual fund data. Comparative data validationTechnology Environment: ASP.Net Framework 4.5.1, MVC 4, SQL Server 2014

India Ratings & Research Success Story

The Client: India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) is India's most respected credit rating agency committed to providing the India's credit markets with accurate, timely and prospective credit opinions. Ind-Ra is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Fitch Group- A global leader in financial information services with operations in more than 30 countries.Website: https://www.indiaratings.co.in/Problem: Being one of the top credit ratings agency in India, India Ratings wanted to showcase their brand status with a modern, new look and interactive website. The earlier website was lacking on overall presentation. It was not interactive, not user friendly and was missing important SEO factors. For uploading reports on old website, the client was dependent on the vendor for technical things. Client was also not able to change static contents of website. Overall time taken to load data on website was also high and was performing poorly on user experience.The Solution: Harrier worked closely with the client to design an architecture for the new web application. The old website had lot of reports and other important content from years that needed to migrate to new website with an accurate management. The website was frequently updated with the new data like reports, market news etc. and all had to showcase on the website. The web application architecture by Harrier satisfied all these needs and successfully managed to showcase all the important data on home page like latest news, featured research, videos, social media feeds, trending news, links to important sources with an effective search functionality. Harrier provided CMS to manage content on static pages removing any technical dependencies for client.Key features: 1. Responsive design 2. Clear and impressive UI 3. Effective and accurate categorization of data on the website 4. SEO Friendly pages helped to optimized easily in search enginesMajor Challenges: Large Data migration from old website to new application.Technology Environment: Asp.net MVC4, C#, HTML/CSS, SQL server 2014, AJAX, JavaScript, Jquery

Dolphin Learning Success Story

The Client: Dolphin Learning company is based out of Maryland, USA and provides supplemental education and enrichment programs in in-person and online for Pre-k to 12 students on Reading & Writing, Math, Pre-K, and Test Prep (GT, SAT) etc. Their education method encourages greater communication between teachers and parents. Problem: Though a successful education institution, Dolphin were doing their daily administration task they were doing manually from student admission to keeping track of their performance and informing parents about it. Overall, punching & keeping all these records manually in excel and on daily basis took lots of efforts along with the time.Dolphin Learning requested Harrier to develop a system on web platform that will assure the optimization of administration process with the accuracy. The Solution: Harrier worked closely with the