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  • 1.ePocket Solutions Handyman the mobile standard-solution for work-order management www.epocketsolutions.com

2. ePocket Solutions AS Founded in 1985, owner-led Headquarter in Oslo, subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany Continuous, strong growth: Listed in TOP 50 Deloitte & Touchefastest growing companies 257000 Capital Listed in Top 100 largest 20 6500 15 6000software companies in Norway 10 5000 8450064000 Fully dedicated to standard mobile service2000 41400 applications: Quick. Smart. Easy 2250 0096/97 97/98 98/99 99/00 00/01 01/02 02/03 03/04 05/06 Handyman embraces experience of overTurn over in 2006: ca. 23 Mio NOK (3 Mio. Euro)Lisences sold: ca. 8.200 15.000 users and 10 years of product development Handyman is used by customers with up to 10.000 service technicians epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 2 3. Handyman the innovative out-of-the- box solution for mobile service Key functionality of mobile Client Covering all field service scenarios Telecommunication/IT View information on pending work- Installation orders Service providers Repair Register parts and time consumed Facility Management Inspection Customized checklists Utilities Maintenance Capture signatures for approval Electricians Synchronize information with back- Manufacturing officeProven Standard Solution Benefits Embracing best practices from more No more paperwork than 10.000 mobile users gained in 10 years Faster and accurate billing Many Handyman-customers tried Improved service quality unsuccessfully alternative solutions Higher technician productivity like Custom-built solution Fast, low-risk implementation ERP mobilization software Complex scheduling optimization epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 3 4. Handyman mobile work-order management solution ExistingHandyman Handyman ERP/CRM system Administrator PDASynchronizationServer XML Mobile Internet WLAN, UMTS,GPRS Order- View information on ManagementSystem pending work-ordersAdministration Send order data to Register parts and time Handyman consumed Receive updated Customized checklists order data from Capture signatures for Handyman approval Synchronizeinformation with back-office epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 4 5. Dorma increases service quality with Handyman World leading door system manufacturer Control of service force with Handyman Stock import from SAP R3 Out-of-the-box system epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 5 6. Snnico 6.8 Mio. EUR more revenue through Handyman Leading Telecom & Electro service installation company in Scandinavia Leading supplier of telecom installations services to Telenor and TeliaSonera 1.000 service technicians using Handyman. Results of Handyman-implementation Service technician invoices 4 hours more per week - 6.8 Mio. additional revenue Lower cost for service technician coordination Reduced costs for inventory managementDetailed customer video available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N1-9ARx32Y epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 6 7. Countable results for Snnico>All information about theservice object is collected at itsown button at the order.Unless the order is connected tothe service object the button willnot become visible. epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 7 8. Hafslund increases quality with Handyman Norway's leading utility company for electricity and heat Over 300 field technicians use Handyman for electrical installations and maintenance Use Handyman service module to manage installed base Use of Handyman improved quality of documentation and compliance with security instructions epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 8 9. ASSA ABLOY increases response time to their customers with Handyman One of the leading lock system service companies in the world. Developed their own system earlier 30 Minutes response time SLA with Handyman achieved epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 9 10. Receive orders right on the mobile device Functionality All orders available on the mobile device Updated with synchronization >Benefit No need to drive in the office topick-up printed work-orders No need to call the technician fornew orders Improved reaction time and SLAcompliance epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 10 11. Integrated Mapping and routingFunctionality Static Map of the workplace is attached to the order New maps can be received online Optional: Integration of tomtom navigation for GPS-based routingBenefit>Benefit Save time for searching unknownaddresses Increase timeliness of technicians Guide the technician the optimalroute Integrated and tested solution epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 11 12. Detailed order information availableFunctionality Key information on the order is easily accessible on the mobile device Diary detailing work to be done Attachments for further information Call customers right from the menu Benefit >Benefit Even for new orders all information required to do the job is available User interface tuned for optimal usability in the field Easy and convenient to call customers and to keep them informed epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 12 13. Efficient recording of time and expenses Functionality See time estimates made in the office Record actual time used Categorize time and expenses Add descriptions Dictionaries with frequently usedwords make text-input easy View summary of time recorded in thepast Benefit >Benefit More accurate information as datais captured without delay right on-site Eased billing as no time-consuming manual re-work ofpaper-based documentation in theoffice epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 13 14. Record material used an manage inventoryFunctionality Record material used Manage inventory of own stock in service-vehicle Order parts from other storesBenefit>Benefit Eased billing as all materials usedare recorded on-site More accurate information as datais captured without delay right on-site Accurate stock-handling reducesinventory costs and out-of-stock epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 14 15. Customised checklists Guide technicians step-by-step through the process Document quality checks Capture data in the field Add instructions how to perform the required work Capture signature of technician and/or customer Benefit >Benefit Ensures best practices are followed in the field Increased productivity of technicians Reduced workload in back-office for processing data from the field Ensures consistently high service quality Reduced billing disputes as work performed is clearly defined ad approved epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 15 16. Handyman Administrator can also be used as order management system Functionality Easy to use order management system Embraces all functions available on the mobile device and some office-specific functions Create checklists and dictionaries User- Management System administration epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 16 17. Checklists can be created easily by the customerFunctionality Easy to usechecklist editor Various fieldtypes available Broad set ofrules availableto design data-driven workflow New checklistssent to mobiledevices viasynchronisation Back-officesystems cangeneratechecklists andread checklistdata epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 17 18. Scheduler Scheduling Board and Calendar views45 Functionality 62 1. Show orders and1 resources in atime-table 2. Colour-codingfor quickreference 3. Drag-and dropscheduling7 4. Chose amongvarious calendarand timelineviews 5. Adjust view withfilters / zoom 6. Grouping oforders in tabs 7. Include personalappointments 8. Change orderdates epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 18 19. Scheduler - MapsFunctionality Display work- orders or technician locations on the map Identify work orders geographically close to the current job of the technician Filter orders and technicians shown Zoom in and out epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 19 20. Sending messages to technicians epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 20 21. Handyman can easily be integrated with 3rd party ERP-systemsExisting back- XMLHandyman Handyman end systemInterface Administrator PDA-ClientSystem AdministrationSynchronization Server Export and COM orSynchronization used forimport of data file-based interface Order data and Transform ERPattachmentsdata in StandardService Management Initial Installation ofHandyman XML-Microsoft functions the applicationstandard and Biz-Talkvice versa Interface Updates of the application, checklists or dictionaries epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 21 22. For many back-end systems standard Handyman integrations are available Standard Handyman integrations available forMicrosoft Biz-TalkMicrosoft NavisionMicrosoft AxaptaVisma BusinessVisma ContractingCordelUni konomiMamutSoftOneEntrNexStepScenario ProfessionalZirius further integrations on the roadmap Custom Integrations available forSAPBMC Remedy Other systems can be integrated easily using the XML-interface epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 22 23. Custom-specific configurations can be done on five levels Basic dataUsers, service organisations, company detailsCustomer dataCategories for orders, customers, checklists,...Salary codesStoresDictionaries Create individual checklistsSuitable for structured capturing of any data in the fieldCan be created within minutes without programming skills Customer specific terminologyRe-labling of selected fieldsAdapt terminology for terms like technician and department File attachmentsTo be used for reading any information exceeding available fieldsMakes even detailed information available on the mobile deviceEasiest way of integration with a back-end system ERP-integrationMay be used to control the service-workflow epocket Solutions / 15.03.2010 / 23 24. Handyman comes with a full set of pre- built security features PDAData Communication Handyman ServerFirewallProprietary authentication DMZ Passwordalgorithmprotection*Strong encryption (128 bit)Signaturesstoredencrypted in theVirtual private network (VPN)* database Backup of PDA Data via synchr