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  • 1. Mina WeiProfessor LancasterENG 1302 Summer IIAugust 2nd 2012

2. Alarm! Handwriting is dying - Germannewspaper Bild reports that 1 in 6 adulthasnt written anything with pen and paperfor 6 months. 3. The use of handwriting isgradually decaying as peopleare more and more relied oncomputer and smartphone. 4. Unlike digital copies,which can be wipedaway easily.Handwriting lasts foryears and years withproper care. 5. As long as you have a pen and a paper, you can jotsomething down, record your thoughts whenever andwherever you want. Never worry about running out ofbattery or losing your data with a burnt hard drive. 6. Many studies have shown that not only handwriting aids in the processof cognitive development of schoolchildren, it also helps withmemorization. (You write it down so you dont have to look at what youhave written!) 7. There are many writing instruments tochose from. Many of them are not onlybeautiful to look at, but they are alsofun to collect. The extra fine nib in thisfountain pen can also work as a self-defense tool, in case of emergency. Justpoke! 8. Handwriting is a beautiful form of art and self-expression. Please dont let it decay. All you needto do is take out pen and paper and jot somethingdown! 9. Sources:Bounds, Gwendolyn. "How Handwriting Trains the Brain." The Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones &Company, Inc, 15 Oct. 2010. Web. 01 Aug. 2012..Kormaroff, Anthony. "Memory Strategies Help Fend off Forgetfulness." Daily Herald. PaddockPublications Inc., 18 July 2012. Web. 01 Aug. 2012..