Hacking Wearable Tech

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Mutual Mobile hackathon project using a Texas Instruments Sensor Kit.

Text of Hacking Wearable Tech

  • Sensor Sensei Tom Yu
  • About me - Tom Yu Android Engineer UT graduate Enjoys video game development as a hobby Amateur magician
  • About Bob 270 lbs (when filled) 60 - 78 Born without legs
  • What is Sensor Sensei?
  • Wearable Hackathon
  • Wearable Hackathon
  • Planning Equipment Punching Mannequin Punching Gloves TI Sensors Placement of Sensors No SDK for TI Sensor (Created SDK) BTLE
  • Initial Designs
  • End of Hack-a-thon Good Connect external sensor to Android Device via BTLE Basic UI Punch force was being detected
  • End of Hack-a-thon Bad Data was coming in slow Issues regarding the sound pool (Multiple sounds would play simultaneously) Low Accuracy when detecting a user punch
  • Hackathon to Internal Project
  • Data Analysis
  • Technologies Otto Dagger Property/Object Animators [Android SDK] Android Service [Android SDK] REST Operations Server Praxis (Coming up next) BTLE
  • Game Architecture and Logic Main Loop State Pattern (Finite State Machine) Game Logic/Rules 15 second game duration Increased difficulty as score increases Leaderboard for users who obtain a high score
  • State Pattern
  • Sensor Sensei 1.0 Sensor data is being sent at an acceptable rate Improved UI and Visual Design Added animation Profile pictures are taken from MM servers for a more personalized experience Improved Game Logic
  • What we learned Importance of hackathon Explore new technologies Bonding of the MM employees Code under unusual or unfamiliar constraints Development of wearable tech Difference between game development and enterprise application development
  • Questions?