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  1. 1. The Effects ofEarly European Contactand theResponses of Mori
  2. 2. What was Pre European New Zealand like?
    • Most Maori women were half naked.
    • There was no tradings.
    • They only have one religion.
    • Kumaras were their main cultivation.
  3. 3. How did Maori respond to the early Europeans?
    • The Maoris were curious.
    • They killed some of them andwelcomed others.
    • They attacked the Europeans
  4. 4. What were the effects of early Europeans on Maori?
    • Mori became Christians through the European Missionaries.
    • Mori learnt how to grow crops like potatoes from theEuropeans.
    • Mori land was lost and bought by the Europeans.
    • Mori way of fighting and weaponry changed and became more like theEuropeans.
    • Mori rights were abused.
    • Mori had to change their place of living.
    • Mori replaced many of their tools for Pakeha tools.
    • Mori tapu was broken by the Europeans.
    • Mori way of living was changed.