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1st slide is video about group name.if you need,you can delete it..and enjoy my slides.. thanks...

Text of Google Incorporation

  • 1. A project by Team G7

2. Worth$290 billion 44,777employees 3. Provides 22 special features Including ranges Prices Money/unit conversions Language translation of displayed pages 4. A free, advertising-supported webmail service Free storage from 1.0 GB to 10 GB Gmail Mobile Spam filter Security Warnings Money Transfer 5. Includes a feature to import contacts A social networking and identity service Second-largest social network Allows users to download their data 6. Written in Assembly , C,C++ & Java. Android, IOS, Linux, Windows supported. Available in 53 languages . Official website is 7. Founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Nick Sears. Google, Open Handset Alliance and Android Open Source involved Programmed in :C,C++,Java Market target :Smart phones, Tablet computer Official website 8. Founded by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, Jawed Karim. Video hosting service Written in Python 54 languages supported Official website : 9. GoogleGreen 10. Respondingto Crises Empowering women & girls Protecting Threatened Wild Life 11. Improving Computer Science Education Launching impact Challenge in India Fighting Trafficking and Child Abuse 12. How they get hired 13. EMPLOYEE PERKS & BENEFITS Stay healthy, save time Travel without worries More time with your baby Never stop learning Legal aid for less