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Google classroom VS. EDMODO.COM

Google classroom VS. EDMODO.COMAlicia BellEDIT 5395

Google Classroom Features: Ability to assign work or homework easily Ability to post announcements or make live changes to assignmentsCan be used for questions and discussionsAbility to share links, videos or images easilyAccess to Google Classrooms from anywhere through different devices (iOS and Android capabilities)Allows for collaboration between students or teacher(s)Grade book can be exported into different systems FeaturesSocial media-like features (looks like Facebook)Ability to collaborate with classmates and teacherAbility to share links, videos and imagesAbility to see and control what students postStudents cannot private message anyone but the teacherParents have ability to have access code to see what the students post, grades etc. Ability to create quizzes and assignmentsAlso available through website or iOs and Android

Google Classroom Pros/Cons ProsCons Easy to use and very accessible (website and iOS and Android apps)You get a specific Google Classroom log in, y0ur current Google information will not workSharing information from teacher to student is easy and immediateStudents will need to learn Google format and become familiar with Google Docs etc. Save paper by turning in assignments through Google ClassroomActivity feed must be refreshed to see new comments or announcementsInterface is simple and easy to navigateStudents must be the owner of a document to share work with peers.Free to use including cloud storageNot compatible with Google Hangout or Google CalendarsGood for Blended Learning environment Students can accidentally alter or delete documents

4 Pros and Cons ProsCons Social Media-like setting may be motivating for studentsStudents have to enroll themselves using a codeCan share links, videos and images easilyMessages cannot be sent between learners (all interactions are open except private messages to teacher)Can be accessed from website or iOs and Android appsNot many options for creating quizzesProvides interactive quizzes, and pollsiPad app can be difficult to useProvides Parent optionMessages are put in chronological order, so student will need to scroll down to see original postsAbility to differentiate instruction by placing students in different groupsSome upgrades are available, but you must pay $2,500 per school, per year.Free to teachers and students

Final Recommendations seems to work better for younger has an interface that looks like Facebook, which may be motivating for younger students.The teacher is able to control when students post.The teacher is able to change from comments allowed to read only.The teacher has all control in sharing capabilities, teacher can have Library of documents, videos, links and is simple and easy to allows for differentiation of instruction.As an elementary teacher, I would use over Google Classroom.