GigCity, US Ignite Application Summit 2013


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GigCity, Chattanooga, TN Partner Pitch, US Ignite Application Summit 2013

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  • 1. Dirtiest city in America. Walter Cronkite, 1969

2. Best Town Ever. Outside Magazine, 2011 3. Available to 170,000 Customers 600 Square Mile Area Two multiple 10 gig fully redundant rings 11 Super Nodes & 5 Remote Nodes Central Office-GPON Electronics 91 miles of Transport fiber 784 miles of Feeder fiber 3,353 miles of Distribution fiber 3,242 miles of Drop fiber 4. A unique infrastructure. A determination to use it to benefit the community and its economy. A dedication to doing it by working together. 5. Connectivity + Collaboration 6. Im seeing...bottom-up innovation happening in cities from Minneapolis to Chattanooga,....(who) build a world-class fiber-optic grid that is spurring innovation and start-ups to grow lots of good jobs. Thomas Friedman, NY Times, 2012 7. - High-bandwidth apps - Smart grid apps - Health & Wellness apps - Education & Workforce Dev apps - Public library apps - Wireless mesh apps - Open Government apps - and more to improve communities across the world! Do more! 8. Sheldon Grizzle