Getting Your HR House in Order

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<p>ServiceNow Corporate PowerPoint Template</p> <p>A Global HR Contact Center Transformation: Getting the House in OrderJeffrey Gore, Director of Product Management, ServiceNowDaniele Colombo, Assistant Director, HR Services, Ernst &amp; Young, LLPPaul Webb, Principal, ServiceNow COE , Advisory Services, Ernst &amp; Young, LLP</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights ReservedConfidential</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights ReservedConfidential</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>ConfidentialHR Wants to Drive Employee Satisfaction and Strategic ValueScale the delivery of HR services depending on the needs of the organizationFocus more on strategic activities such as organizational development and employee cultureDrive high levels of employee satisfaction with HR and the enterprise </p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>2</p> <p>Employees Desire a Consumer Grade Approach to Service </p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>3</p> <p>HR Service Delivery Doesnt Match ExpectationsEmployeeHuman Resources</p> <p>EmailsPhone CallsSpreadsheets</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>4</p> <p>High CostsEmployeeHuman Resources</p> <p>EmailsPhone CallsSpreadsheets</p> <p>80% Repetitive Tasks$15.00 per Call$110 per Form Processing Error</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>5</p> <p>What is the Impact on Employees?How do managers describe consumer services vs. workplace services?</p> <p>Consumer/ workplace service delivery gap leads to:</p> <p>Employee productivity drainNegative employment brand Attrition</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>6</p> <p>ServiceNow HR Service Management</p> <p>Reduce CostsBoost ProductivityImprove Quality of ServiceScale HR ServicesTransform the Employee Experience</p> <p>EmployeeHuman Resources</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>7</p> <p>The HR Transformation Journey</p> <p>StructuredService</p> <p>SelfReliance</p> <p>ManagedInteractions</p> <p>Case and Knowledge Management</p> <p>Employee Portals</p> <p>Onboarding and Lifecycle Events</p> <p>High TouchDependency</p> <p>Spreadsheets, Email, Phone Calls</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>8</p> <p>A global HR Contact Center transformation: getting the house in order</p> <p>20th HR Shared Services &amp; Outsourcing Summit18 October 2016</p> <p>Page #</p> <p>9</p> <p>AgendaOur team and story todayPaul WebbPrincipal, ServiceNow COE Advisory ServicesErnst &amp; Young, LLP</p> <p>Daniele ColomboAssistant DirectorHR ServicesErnst &amp; Young, LLP</p> <p>1Case for change</p> <p>2Global HR Contact Center transformation</p> <p>3Global HR Contact Center implementation</p> <p>4Key benefits, takeaways, Q&amp;A and appendixEY is a global professional services firm. We are 230,000 people based in 728 offices in 150 countries.</p> <p>EYThe views expressed by presenters are not necessarily those of Ernst &amp; Young LLP</p> <p>Page #Case for changeRapid growth and changes to the external world require us to transform our HRLeverage our global footprint and expand languages, locations, scope with improved global processesCloud solutions with a globally integrated HR system, empowering managers and employees through self-serviceCountry HR teams focused on partnering with the business to ensure we have the right people and skills to better serve our clients</p> <p>Talent rolesShared servicesTechnology</p> <p>Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.What will EY look like in 2020?</p> <p>300,000 employees supported by HRGenerating $50 billion in revenue$</p> <p>4 million job applications</p> <p>60,000 new alumni each year</p> <p>14 million planned learning hours</p> <p>Symphony</p> <p>2020</p> <p>Page #</p> <p>Global HR Contact Center transformation We opted for a phased approach to get the house in order firstEY HR professionalsEYemployeesEYmanagersEYcandidates</p> <p>Existing intranetmyHR landing pageIVRPhoneEmailChatKnowledge Base 60%-70%8%-10%</p> <p>2%</p> <p>85%-90%</p> <p>EYpartners</p> <p>CaseTalent + Talent Shared Services (TSS): Technology filterTSS: High-touch filter Talent: High-value activities </p> <p>Technology supportGeneralist supportTSS: Resolution filter Specialized supportBusiness partneringResolution target:</p> <p>Consistent customer experienceTier 0Direct accessTier 1GeneralistTier 2SpecialistTier 3Strategy, policy, exceptions and approvalsServiceNowCiscoServiceNowServiceNow</p> <p>Page #Global HR Contact Center transformation We streamlined processes and technology to get the house in order</p> <p>CasemanagementKnowledgemanagementSurveysOutlook emailintegrationReporting &amp; analyticsChat</p> <p>Security &amp; data protectionServicelevels</p> <p>Telephony</p> <p>Process classification frameworkCross org request</p> <p>Manage knowledge baseManage callsManage emailsManage chatsManage casesServiceNowCisco</p> <p>Page #Global HR Contact Center implementationWe deployed globally and rapidly </p> <p>CanadaUnited StatesBeNePolandUKChinaPhilippinesAfricaOceania</p> <p>India </p> <p>Germany</p> <p>Complete</p> <p>In progress238 functional requirements5 key global processes147,000 employees touched by the new solution4 technology vendors assessed15 Contact Center subject-matter resources (global)600 HR Shared Services staff using the new solution15 weeks of iterative global build3 implementation partners assessed</p> <p> How14 core project team members</p> <p>When</p> <p>Updated as of October 2016WhereJanuary 2015July2015January2016Strategy and business caseTechnology vendor selectionProcess design kickoffImplementation partner selectionTechnology design kickoffComplete technology buildUser acceptance testingFirst go-liveCompletion of 8 go-livesFirst chat go-liveOctober2016</p> <p>Page #Global HR Contact Center implementationWe have collaborated with EY Advisory to design an agile and rapid ServiceNow HR implementation</p> <p>Iteration1ProcessTechnology</p> <p>Iteration2ProcessTechnology</p> <p>Iteration3ProcessPeople &amp; OrgTechnology</p> <p>People &amp; OrgPeople &amp; OrgTraditional methodology</p> <p>RequirementsDesign, build, test</p> <p>Deploy</p> <p>New highly customized systemProcessPeople &amp; Org</p> <p>TechnologyCustomized solution</p> <p>Advisory methodologyRequirements driven, linear, customized, time-consumingUser centric, iterative, agile, rapid</p> <p>Enabled by weekly functional and technical reviews of mock-ups and supported by virtual war rooms</p> <p>Page #Key benefitsWe achieved greater operational effectiveness and efficiency; we are now ready to focus on enhancing the customer experience </p> <p>Process inconsistency No consistent tier model, different forms and effectiveness of knowledge repository Technology inconsistency Multiple systems with limited tracking and reporting; inadequate data privacy protectionScope inconsistency Different range and depth of services delivered and processes coveredOrganization inconsistency Different organizational models with disconnected teams reporting into two functional leadership groupsService measurement inconsistency Work categorized and measured differently, not comparable across centers and heavy manual reporting</p> <p>Process consistency Globally consistent, tier-based process with clear roles and responsibilities with one single HR knowledge baseTechnology consistency One global technology platform with role/geography-based accessesScope consistencyDefined global scope of work to support ongoing and future migrations of services to Shared ServicesOrganization consistency Clear multi-tier model, locally adjustable, with better connected teams reporting into a single leadership group Service measurement consistency Real-time, automated, comparable reporting with greater insights into employee interactions with HR</p> <p>Today</p> <p>Yesterday</p> <p>Page #Key takeawaysWe have learned and applied some key lessons05Phase it outPhase it out functionally and geographically. Get the house in order before focusing on the customer experience.1Go globalInvest in reaching bottom-up global consensus with the right representatives in the room. Dont forget about non-HR stakeholders for the cross organization request solution.2Build once, deploy rapidlyBuild a global solution once, deviate only for local legal requirements. Use a standard toolkit to deploy locally via rapid configuration.3Build agile, dont customizeBuild the system via iterative sessions. Keep it simple, user centric, easy to maintain and close to out of the box.4Keep process and technology togetherDesign global processes and technology together, with both expert groups in the same room.5Design Outlook integration earlier Engage Information Technology Security earlier to review security standards and obtain approval for emails from your shared mailboxes into ServiceNow.6Plan security model earlier Engage Information Technology Security and Data Privacy earlier to obtain approval of the proposed security matrix. Design it based on roles and geography.7Manage vendor upgradesAssess the impact of vendor upgrades on your deployment road map to limit disruptions to your planned go-lives.8</p> <p>Page #Want to learn more?Find out how you can transform the way employees interact with HR here.</p> <p># 2016 ServiceNow All Rights ReservedConfidential# 2016 ServiceNow All Rights ReservedConfidential</p> <p> 2016 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved#</p> <p>Confidential</p>


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