Get a Clearer Picture of Your Target Audience with Facebook Topic Data

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Get a Clearer Picture of Your Target Audience with Facebook Topic Data

Jason RoseSVP MarketingDataSift

James RitchieAgency, Brand and Data Partnerships (EMEA)Tim SheaAgency, Brand and Data Partnerships (US)

Ad Tech Music FestivalAdAgency Snack BrandsFacebook Topic Data OverviewAgenda




4TV Producer Marketing and Development

5TV Channel Marketing and Development


Facebook Topic Data Overview1

Facebook is the #1 Social Platform for Marketers5Source: 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, May 2015




Source: Facebook Q2 2015 Earnings Report (1) Facebook, Messenger, Instagram.2M+$3.8B Q215 AD REVENUES GROWING 43% YoYACTIVE ADVERTISERSDAILY ACTIVE USERS1 BILLIONPEOPLE SPEND 46 MINS/DAY ON FACEBOOK

1Marketers Are Making Big Investments in Facebook

7Aggregate and anonymized insights from across FacebookBuilt from Posts + Engagement DataNEW: ENGAGEMENT ACROSS FACEBOOKFACEBOOK PAGESFACEBOOK ADSFACEBOOK TOPIC DATAInsights into your Facebook PagesInsights into your Facebook AdsTopic Data Unlocks Unique Insights for MarketersDataSift + Facebook partnershipFacebook APIs being used by analytics companies today

Pages vs Topic Data ComparisonComparison of volumes of engagement relating to an automotive brand across 7-day period.Facebook Pages~1,000Posts and Engagement on your own Facebook PagesTopic Data~70,000Brand-related Posts and Engagement across all of Facebook

Content that goes viral on Facebookabout your brand.What is driving brand recommendation, purchase, advocacy or churn.Topic data expands your insights.The audience that is engaging with your brand across Facebook.Audience reaction to multi-channelmarketing campaigns.

Expand Your Product with Insights from 1.49 Billion PeopleWITHOUT FACEBOOK TOPIC DATA+ FACEBOOK TOPIC DATAAnalysis across public social data sourcesExample: Analysis of automotive brand6xAnalysis includes Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, forums.

10Demographics Enables New Opportunities For Analytics and Marketers

Use demographics to develop insight around audience segmentsAudience segments that over/under -index in engaging with a brand.CALIFORNIA18-24KENTUCKY25-34Insights enable marketers to build and target creative and campaigns to specific segments

Creative A

Creative B

Brand AnalyticsHow Companies Are Using Topic DataBRAND PRODUCTCONTENT LINKSINDUSTRY TOPICAUDIENCEContent & Media AnalysisIndustry & Topic ResearchMarket research to inform creative & campaignsBrand Reputation ManagementCampaign AnalysisCompetitive AnalysisInfluential Media Analysis Topic Analysis Content Discovery Industry BenchmarkingTopic-Specific AnalysisVertical Applications (e.g. TV)Creative & Campaign Design Audience Affinity AnalysisAudience Discovery/Expansion

Ad AgencySnack Brands2

13The Problem An ad agency wanted to improve social engagement and presence for a snack brand. The agency also wanted to better understand how consumers engaged with the brand and the subject of sport in order to drive new creative approaches.Previous attempts had struggled with low volumes, which drove an over-reliance on expensive focus groups.

Our ApproachDataSift developed filters to capture data about consumer insights described in the brand brief (events, behaviors, & emotions associated with the brand). One filter focused on the brand and its key competitor and a second captured general engagement around sports.DataSift used VEDO to classify different product flavors, events and emotions that aligned to the brands strategy.The brand index captured 180k interactions in 3 weeks, while the sports index captured 4.4m interactions in 10 days.

Ad Agency Snack Brands

With topic data we found that many of the assumptions around audiences and engagement were incorrect:Assumed 18 to 24 year old men. It actually turned out 35 - 66 year old women were engaging. Expected pre-game excitement to peak just before game time. It really peaked almost 6 hours earlier.Thought most games were watched with friends. Turns out most are watched with families.

Recommended ActionsUse accurate knowledge of audience engagement to create more relevant messaging and campaigns.Target messages to audiences with better timing, to match true engagement patterns prior to game.18-24MALE



Ad Agency Snack Brands

Ad TechMusic Festival3

16The Problem An ad tech partner wanted to improve performance for a campaign on Facebook for a national music festival. Data from non-Facebook sources was resulting in outdated creative, overly simplistic advertising strategies.

Our ApproachDataSift developed a filter that identified Facebook engagement with the music genre as well as the key artists scheduled to perform at the festival.DataSift used VEDO to tag performers and sponsors already associated with the music festival.The index captured 5.7m interactions in 8 days.

Ad Tech Music Festival

Topic data identified audiences that were more and less likely to engage with content and help target promotion:Identified that Women 25-34 from Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan & other states over-indexed in music genre engagement.Identified that Men 18-24 from California under-indexed in the music genre engagement.Identified a range of related interests, websites, retailers and broadcasters that could be used for targeting.

Recommended Actions Diverted spend from under-indexing to over-indexing demographic groups improving engagement rates and driving a 17% increase in video completion rates. Identified artists and potential co-marketing partners to inform future campaigns and tailor content.


4TV Producer Marketing & Development

19The Problem A TV show producer was struggling to understand how different audiences engaged on Facebook around the episodes, storylines, and characters of a major show. They needed to make more informed decisions around advertising, social content, as well as casting decisions for future seasons.

Our ApproachDataSift developed a filter that identified Facebook engagement with existing characters and storylines. A second filter measured engagement with breakout actors from recent film festivals and actors from top TV shows.DataSift used VEDO to tag references to key episodes, storylines, quotes, memes and characters.The index captured 1.5m interactions in 10 days.

TV Producer Marketing and Development

Based on topic data producers were able to better target content and inform casting decisions:Identified the characters gaining the most engagement on Facebook and then identified variations by gender, age and state.Identified the scenes & storylines that drove most engagement over the season.Identified potential actors for an upcoming season that resonated with their core target demographic.

Recommended Actions Tailor sponsored updates to feature an image of the most engaging character for each demographic group. Casting was also able to evaluate new actors that already resonate most with the TV shows core demographics.

SCENE ASCENE BSCENE CSCENE DTV Producer Marketing and Development

5TV ChannelMarketing & Development

22The Problem A major TV Channel wanted to understand if they were reaching their target audience with the right programming and content, how that content could be improved, and if they could have better control over the feedback loop between engagement on Facebook and tune-in on television.

Our ApproachDataSift developed a filter that identified Facebook engagement with all of the programming & supporting marketing assets associated with the series. DataSift used VEDO to tag references to characters, celebrity & marketing partners, and all of their Facebook fan page posts.The index captured 7m interactions in 8 days.

TV Channel Marketing and Development

Gained a better understanding of audience interest and engagement with content:Identified the shows, themes, characters, and social posts with the most engagement on Facebook, on a minute-by-minute basis, broken down by gender, age and state.Identified content that would likely resonate, and which audiences it would likely resonate with.Quantified movement of audiences from TV to social (and back) to identify more efficient times to engage with them, and specifically who to engage with.

Recommended Actions Adjust advertising and calls-to-action on TV to follow the audiences as they naturally move between TV and social. Leverage demographic insights to optimize advertising and programming.

TV Channel Marketing and Development

Seize the Opportunity1Facebook is the #1 social platform for marketers.For the first time, topic data enables companies to build insights from sharing and engagement across Facebook.Supports a wide set of use cases such as: creative, PR, and analytics23

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