Gamification: How it can be used to Engage Library Users

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Presented October 10, 2013 for the Florida Virtual Campus live webinar series Talking Tech. Description: Gamification: Is this just a new buzzword or something your library can really use? Presenters will include Bohyun Kim from Florida International University, Chad Mairn from St. Petersburg College, Michelle Leonard from University of Florida, and Lori Driscoll, Wei Cen and Sara Duff from Gulf Coast State College. They will share their ideas on Gamification and how it has been implemented at libraries. Participants are encouraged to share what their libraries are doing or simply ask questions.


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  • 2. Gamification involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. Source:
  • 3. Note: slides are from Shay Moradi, co-founder of LibraryGame
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