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  1. 1. New Furnace Installation, specialize in installations and maintenance of heating and cooling systems in your home and business. All your Heating Equipment installations, repairs, and service also available.
  2. 2. Gas Furnaces Gas ranges Fire places Air conditioners and Thermostats HVAC Boilers Heat pumps, regulators and dryers BBQs and patio heaters Hot water heaters Appliances Indoor air quality appliances Outdoor living appliances Ventilation appliances
  3. 3. A household furnace is a major appliance that is permanently installed to provide heat to an interior space through intermediary fluid movement, which may be air, steam, or hot water.
  4. 4. Most gas ranges and cooktops use sparking devices to ignite the burner flame. One implementation of a gas burner with auto resignation senses the electrical conductivity of the flame. An electronic circuit then starts or stops the igniter from sparking, based on whether the flame is lit.
  5. 5. A fireplace is an architectural structure designed to contain a fire. Fireplaces are used at the present time mostly for the relaxing ambiance they create. Historically they were used for the practical purposes of heating.
  6. 6. Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air to more favorable conditions. More generally, air conditioning can refer to any form of technological cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that modifies the condition of air.
  7. 7. HVAC is a control system that applies regulation to a heating and/or air conditioning system. Usually a sensing device is used to compare the actual state with a target state. Then the control system draws a conclusion what action has to be taken
  8. 8. www.newfurnaceinstallation.com205-3331 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5K5R61-888-934-2748 info@gasfitter.ca