Fun with WooCommerce

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An overview of the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress (and some of its extensions) presented to the East Bay WordPress Meetup on July 21st, 2013 by Sallie Goetsch

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  • 1.July 21, 2013

2. 3. Our Page 4. Ongoing Sponsor: 5. Fun with WooCommerce July 21st, 2013 Sallie Goetsch @salliegoetsch 6. Why Woo? At our last meetup about e-commerce plugins (March 2011), WooCommerce didnt exist. Since then its been downloaded more than 1 million times. commerce/stats/ 7. WooCommerce is a Fork of Jigoshop 8. Want the Dirt? woocommerce-differences 9. Dont Care about the Dirt? Try both pluginsboth are free, with paid add-ons. They still have many similar features. The two continue to diverge. Some claim Woo provides better support and documentation. Pick the one you like best, or a different plugin entirely. 10. What Can You Sell with WooCommerce? Physical Products Downloadable (Virtual) Products External (Affiliate) Products Grouped Products Variable Products Classes (with $99 Sensei add-on) Subscriptions (with $99 add-on) 11. Payment Gateways Built-In PayPal Standard Mijireh COD Check BACS Extensions 2 CheckOut Amazon Payments Bitcoin FirstData Infusionsoft PayPal Express/Pro Stripe WePay and more 12. Welcome to WooCommerce Notice this button. Its very important. 13. Read the Docs. You Need Them. 14. Settings: Tons of These Expect to spend time setting this up, and expect it to be different from site to site. 15. Auto-Generated Pages 16. And Whats on Them 17. Taxes 18. Rates Not Included Get tax rates from Theres also a WooCommerce tax plugin at http://www.pnw- 19. OMFG SHIPPING! UPS & USPS $49 each. Time to configure 15-30 min each. 20. Shipping from the Front End 21. Adding a Simple Product Product Name Product Description Price & Tax Status Excerpt Product Categories Gallery Images Featured Image Almost Simple 22. External (Affiliate) Products Get this from your Amazon Associates page. 23. Affiliate Product Page 24. Variable Products 25. Variable Product Page 26. Downloadable Products 27. Download Page 28. Cross-sells & Up-sells 29. Single Product Page Image Gallery Product Description Featured Image Price/ Purchase Options 30. Product Page Shortcodes 31. Product Page from Shortcodes Simple Products Variable Products 32. Checkout Pages PayPalStripe Shipping Calculation Free Shipping 33. Account Page 34. WooCommerce Receipt Email can be customized with templates. (This wasnt.) Receipt includes information collected via Gravity Forms and stored in a cookie (custom work for client) 35. WooCommerce Extensions 39 Free extensions 261 Extensions on 7/20/13 Prices from $29 - $99 for a single site license 36. WooCommerce + Gravity Forms 37. Coupons (Smart Coupon Extension) 38. Sell Subscriptions $99 Single Site License 39. Manage Subscriptions 40. Sell Classes Sensei Plugin $99 single site license 41. This Is Not an API 42. The Good, Bad, & Ugly Pros Base plugin is free & powerful Handles many types of products, including CSV import Works with most themes Decent documentation Cons Cost of extensions adds up fast Doesnt do donations API is display-based, not function-based Many Woo Themes interfere with CSS Not intuitive enough to use without docs 43. Bonus: The New Kid in Town