Fluency - Investor Deck - November 2013

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1. The future of work @getfluency 2. The world of work is changing 3. Trends By 2020, 1 in 3 workers will be working online Source: Elance 4. Trends By 2020, 1 in 6 Americans & 1 in 5 Europeans will be 65+ Many will not retire but start a SMESource: Intuit, 2020 Report 5. Trends By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials Source: Intuit, 2020 Report 6. Problem SMEs need digital work done but dont have the budget to hire or have in-house expertise 7. Existing SolutionsBenefit for ClientBenefit for Worker 8. Existing Solutions SMEs give poor project briefs on marketplaces Issue of work quality Time intensive to manage workers Crowd Labour not designed for SMEs Are competitions fair to workers? 9. Problem Youth unemployment is 6.3 million in Europe (63% & 56% in Greece & Spain) 10. But Young people have a killer app that SMEs need They are digital natives 11. Solution A crowdwork marketplace using young digital talent 12. How it works Young users upskill and get certified on the learning platform 13. How it works Client posts digital job 14. How it works Job is split into microsized units & distributed to workers 15. Benefits No bidding wars No choosing workers Defined and guaranteed results 16. Market Size Online work market: $1billion in 2012 $5billion by 2018 Growing 31% annually 17. Business Model 18. Youth Partnerships Paid beta pilot with 50 users in January 2014 Roll out with 30,000 users 19. Pipeline 20. Competitive Advantage We will make hiring digital expertise online as easy as buying a customised t-shirt 21. Vision The most trusted marketplace for digital work 22. Getting Customers EventsContent and SearchTargeted business events Free digital seminars Popup events at SME supportive brands with retail presence e.g. Talk Talk, EE, Lloyds BankGuest blogging: Guardian, Huffington Post Targeted adsPartners Go ON UK Enterprise Nation Startup BritianPress Use the Fluency / youth / female CEO stories to get significant coverage in mediaReferral & Invite Mechanisms Affiliate Programme 23. Team Sinead Mac Manus CEO and co-founderIan Anderson CTO and co-founderAhmed Al-Aagem Youth engagement directorTim Powell-Jones Online learning advisor 24. Raising: 150k 1. Hire tech & digital team 2. Expand & automate the platform 3. Sales and marketing 25. a really effective way of learning Sofia 26. Sinead Mac Manus | CEO and co-founder sinead@fluency.io www.fluency.io