Five Reasons Why Web Analytics Projects Fail

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We discuss enterprise analytics, the 5 reasons why web analytics projects fail, and the steps you can take to avoid failure and instead, to succeed.

Text of Five Reasons Why Web Analytics Projects Fail

  • 1. Enterprise Analytics:Problems and SolutionsPresentation 11. May 2011

2. Roslyn LaytonSenior Director at KleanSilicon Valley Expert in DenmarkEvidenced-based 3. Agenda What is enterprise analytics? 5 reasons why enterprise analytics projects fail How you can succeed 4. Enterprise Analytics 5. Why Enterprise Analytics Projects Fail 6. Jeffrey Pfeffer 7. 5 Reasons Why Web Analytics Projects Fail1. Cost2. Lack of expertise3. Failure of information4. Bad news5. Politics 8. Cost 9. Lack of Expertise 10. Failure of Information 11. Bad News 12. Politics 13. How to Succeed 14. How to overcome the problems1. Budget rules of thumb2. Get smart3. Get the right culture and the right leadership 15. 90/10 Rule 16. 1/3 1/31/3Staff Technology Consulting 17. Thomas Davenport 18. Data Decisions 19. Data + = Decisions 20. Questions?