Fileshare to SharePoint - things to consider

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Session by Peter Kalmström at SharePoint Saturday Stockholm 2014 (download examples here Most organizations have huge file-shares with terabytes of data gathered during decades of using Office for collaboration. This sessions takes a deep dive into some of the lessons learned, challenges met and issued considered when the Swedish Migration Board moved their data into SharePoint 2013. I will share some PowerShell scripts that were useful and also explain how what SharePoint features were used as well as do a short demo of the results.

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  • 1. Fileshare to SharePoint things to consider #SPSSTHLM09 Peter Kalmstrm, January 25th, 2014SharePoint SaturdayStockholm

2. www.kalmstrom.com 3. GoldSharePintBronze Raffle 4. Migrationsverket example 5. Pre-requisites 6. How? 7. FilesInventory.ps1 8. Discussion helpers 9. Migration cut-offs 10. Demo files inventory12 11. Why? 12. Links 13. How?Microsoft Migration Manager 14. ConvertOfficeFiles.ps1 15. Automating Office 16. Trust center 17. Protected view 18. Demo converting files21 19. Why not folders? 10 reasons to avoid 20. All the files in one doc lib? 21. Converting file folders 22. Meta-data 23. How low can you go? 24. Demo creating containers27 25. Importing files28 26. Demo importing files29 27. Other alternatives30